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 Spencer Tunick2007-06-05 00:12
by Flemming Funch

Spencer Tunick is this photographer who does nothing but arrange happenings where he takes pictures of large numbers of nude people in surprising public settings around the world. That certainly is something different. Nothing lewd about it, this is art. This one was Saturday in Amsterdam.

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5 Jun 2007 @ 15:29 by Roger Coss @ : Spencer Tunick
Hello Flemming,
Spencer actually does individual portraits as well. To see more of Spencer's work go to http://www.i-20.com The I-20 Gallery, http://www.i8.is the i8 Gallery
or to our site http://www.spencertunickforum.org On our site you can read accounts of the recent events in Mexico City and Amsterdam on see news and participan photos as well.

5 Jun 2007 @ 18:21 by ming : Tunick
Oh, cool. But I guess events with thousands of naked people make the news much easier than portrait photos do, so no wonder I didn't hear about it.  

16 Aug 2007 @ 12:49 by stefan beyst @ : spencer tunick and art
Spencer Tunick's 'installations' are not art at all, let alone 'sculptures'. Art is used as a mere pretext here. See 'Spencer Tunick: art and transgression'

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