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Ballooning into Space

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 Ballooning into Space2001-11-09 03:54
pictureby Flemming Funch

Some adventurous people are planning to fly in a balloon 132,000 feet into space next summer. Sitting in spacesuits in open air armchairs hanging under the balloon. Up where its pitch black and you can see whole countries in one look. See here: [link]

"YouÂ’re out in the openÂ… In a place where the sky is inky blackÂ… ThereÂ’s no air to breatheÂ… The pressure is 150 times less than at sea levelÂ… ItÂ’s minus 100 degrees FahrenheitÂ…

And the view is nothing short of sensational.

In the summer of 2002 Andy Elson and Colin Prescot will travel to the outer limits of the EarthÂ’s atmosphere in QinetiQ 1. From their open gondola they will be able to look up to the biggest manned balloon in history. Looking down theyÂ’ll see stretching beneath them a sight only a few brave souls will ever experience - a 650,000 square mile panorama of the earth.

You canÂ’t imagine what itÂ’s like to see your world from 132,000 feet. But on this website you don't have to. Here, you can share the experience from the build up over the next few months to launch itself. "

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13 Nov 2001 @ 13:09 by gyrfalcon : Wow!
Are they selling tickets for future trips? ;)  

13 Nov 2001 @ 13:27 by ming : Tickets
Maybe if you bring your own chair, and you dress warmly, and promise to hold your breath all the way.  

18 Nov 2001 @ 00:07 by marlon : mhm

19 Dec 2014 @ 10:37 by Freya @ : PFcGpsXLPAYO
Thank you so much for hosting this party! Just in case you were wdieornng I am always yelling at my computer to go faster as I am trying to link up as quick as I can to be towards the top! haha. =]  

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