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Dow Chemical sues Bhopal survivors

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 Dow Chemical sues Bhopal survivors2003-01-02 16:11
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According to Greenpeace News, Dow Chemical, the worlds largest chemical company, and new owners of Union Carbide, is suing survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, India, which killed thousands of people. On December 2nd a peaceful march of 200 women survivors from Bhopal delivered toxic waste from the abandoned Carbide factory back to Dow's Indian headquarters in Bombay with the demand that Dow take responsibility for the disaster and clean up the site. Instead, Dow files a lawsuit against them for $10,000 for "loss of work". One Dow employee briefly came outside to meet the protesters. Apparently he's very well paid. On the other hand, that amounts to about 10 years of income for those particular protesters. Dow's new CEO, William Stravopoulos, is the person who engineered the Dow merger with Union Carbide in 2001.

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3 Jan 2003 @ 13:47 by sharie : They're insane
I hope the courts slap them with a multi-billion dollar fine and seize all their assets, and turn it over to the survivor's for compensation.  

3 Jan 2003 @ 23:10 by ming : Dow Chemical
I hope they will at least notice that they'll lose more money than they might possibly win, whenever they pull such a stunt and people all over the world will hate them a little more, and find ways of not buying their products.  

17 Jan 2003 @ 13:22 by altciv : Alternatives
Sharie and Ming are both right. One way to not buy their products is to find alternatives. And by finding alternatives to civilized addictions to ideas (and things) like greed, power, etc. we will be able to change the way people think.
Namaste, Bill  

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