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 Earth Ships2003-01-12 17:42
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Mark Woods mentions an article about Earth Ships, which says, for example:
"Inside, the sunlight was terrific, the entire space fairly cozy, but very hobbit-like. And with, let's be clear, fairly low resale value to anyone except a total granola-crunching lunatic like yourself, unless there's a nuclear war and living off the grid becomes handy, at which point you won't want to move anyway, but will want to insert steel bars over all the windows to avoid mutant tribes of 16-eyed irradiated flesh-eating Objectivists."
Earthships are houses built of old tires and dirt, and maybe old cans and bottles. Not as crazy as it sounds. It is a way of recycling materials in a sensible way, to build a sustainable, durable, well-insulated house. You can build it yourself.

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1 comment

16 Sep 2004 @ 02:40 by casper @ : Earthships
yes, earth ships are awesome. I've only read volume 1. but it is very inspiring. Visiting the earthship website is a little sickening though, since everything, even membership to the site has to be bought. I'm checking around for individuals experience building such things, however, so if you know of any helpful alternate sites, please let me know.

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