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Windows worm brings the net to its knees

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 Windows worm brings the net to its knees2003-01-25 23:59
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A widespread worm infection in Internet-connected Microsoft SQL Server 2000 computers caused a major disruption of Internet connectivity last night. It brought down all the ATMs of my bank, Bank of America. Rather unnerving news that they use Microsoft Windows to manage my money. Luckily I don't have much.

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19 Dec 2014 @ 19:56 by David @ : PbYwNEYlDc
Here's what this airline re-booked due to last miegtnsfliuht cancellation between Evansville and Detroit.Original schedule: (all Northwest, of course)Evansville > Detroit > NagoyaNew Schedule re-booked by Northwest:Evansville > Chicago (over night stay) > San Fransisco > Nagoya(all NON Northwest and inefficient schedule)I had them straighten it out by fixing back to the original schedule on a day later.They suck ass big time. No wonder the airline is called Northworst Airline. It revealed the result of the airline cutting back too much on budget and skilled labor.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 12:51 by Diego @ : QSpWqsuwmRymq
I also like all three of the coffee palecs we have but I don't LOVE any of them. Two of them brew a good cup of whatever I order, but don't really have seating so I can meet with friends over coffee and the third has seating but seems to have trouble brewing any special types of coffee (although their regular coffee is good, I've not had good experiences with blended or iced coffee drinks there).I've heard that in order for Target to come to a community, there has to be a certain population number (120K, I think?) that the Target would service. There are a lot of palecs that won't come to Henderson because of population, I imagine. Maybe I69 will change some of that?It's Jason's dream to open a coffee house. We just aren't quite in the right place to start anything like that up just yet!  

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