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Nestle settles claim against Ethiopia

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 Nestle settles claim against Ethiopia2003-02-02 22:38
by Flemming Funch

BBC says that Nestle has come to an agreement with Ethiopia, concerning their claim for $6 million. This looks like a victory for the Make Trade Fair campaign. I'm sure Nestle has lost a lot more than $6 million from the bad publicity they got from trying to extort money out of a famined country, and that's probably what made them change their minds.

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19 Dec 2014 @ 23:07 by Lorraine @ : jbHKnBvaWGu
Many many qulatiy points there.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 18:25 by Facundo @ : MbiDhPvtPt
OMG! I used to make this and lost the recipe.Thank you so much! I alywas do up a handmade basket for gifts and miss adding this hot cocoa mix to it. I also add a bag of mini marshmallows to the mix and a peppermint stick tied to the packaging to stir it with ~ LOVE IT!5  

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