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 Build Voting Machines - Win Elections2003-02-02 22:49
by Flemming Funch

The respected Washington, DC publication The Hill has confirmed that former conservative radio talk-show host and now Republican U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel was the head of, and continues to own part interest in, the company that owns the company that installed, programmed, and largely ran the voting machines that were used by most of the citizens of Nebraska. Used in elections where Hagel won very unexpected landslide victories.

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3 Feb 2003 @ 13:31 by maxtobin : Situation normal!!
Is that not what happened in Florida also? Is it not time for some reverse engineering of the machinery. I am sure it would quickly be proved how this result was achieved.
It seems that those in positions of public trust are abusing them world wide. Either we are waking up and 'seeing' more clearly (I doubt this) or these people are not even pretending to conceal their darker manipulative exploitive activities. They think we are so stupid that they can get away with it. Thank the Goddess the heart of humanity is still in place and dancing and singing is not extinguished yet. There is some hope!!  

3 Feb 2003 @ 17:09 by sharie : Who's counting?
I reported this months ago. Bev Harris did the research to find out who actually counts the election votes. It's done by software programs, of course, but who owns those software companies that counts our election votes

From http://www.talion.com/voting-machines.html

Who does own the voting machine companies?

A work in progress — I (Bev Harris) started with the biggest company, ES&S, which handles at least 56 percent of the vote counting in the U.S. For the other companies, I've got sketchy information, most of which comes from swapping research with reporter Lynn Landes. See her web site for more: http:www.ecotalk.org.

Election Systems & Software (ES&S)
* = potential conflict of interest, see conflict section

Election Systems & Software operated under the name American Information Systems from its inception in the early 1980s until around 1998.

* = It was founded by Todd and Bob Urosevich, originally under the name Data Mark.

* = The Urosevich brothers obtained financing from the Ahmanson family, who took a 68 percent controlling interest.

The investment group related to the Ahmansons sold their shares in 1987 to the McCarthy Group (35%) and the World-Herald Company, Inc. (45%)

* = Involved with the McCarthy Group: Michael R. McCarthy, Chairman [See McCarthy Conflicts — FEC document photocopy: McCarthy is designated Principle Campaign Committee of a Candidate]

* = Senator Chuck Hagel: According to the Congressional Quarterly, Republican senator Chuck Hagel was Chairman of American Information Systems. [See Hagel Conflicts — Document photocopies for Senator Hagel; He lists the McCarthy Group as an asset, valuing his investment in McCarthy at up to $5 million, and omits mentioning that he was CEO and Chairman of the Board for the voting machine company, American Information Systems / ES&S.]

Omaha World-Herald Company:
Employees own approximately 80%. Of the 280 employees, only 28 currently own more than one-half of one percent. World-Herald employee stockholder maximum is 15%, so under the ownership rules, it is possible for just a few shareholders to hold significant sway in voting.

* = ? - Two of the 28 main shareholders (John Gottschalk and A. William Kernen) are on the Board of Directors for the Omaha World-Herald and ES&S. In 1995, both went public with an effort to reoganize the company so that they could concentrate less on the newspaper and more on other World Company investments. The reorganization was blocked in a lawsuit, which later settled.

* = ? - The Omaha World-Herald also owns: World Investments Inc., World Marketing Inc., World Events Inc., World Diversified Inc., World Newspapers Inc., MBS (a New York database marketing company), ACE Mailing Services (Atlanta, Georgia), Art & Technology (Omaha), Lee Marketing Services (Dallas, TX), World Technologies Inc. (Omaha), World Marketing Integrated Solutions, Total Fulfillment (Tempe AZ), The Rylander Company (Chicago IL), Redstone Communications (Omaha).

Other ES&S owners: In 1997-98 American Information Systems acquired Business Records Corp., a Texas-based election company originally called Cronus Industries. Twenty percent of the stock of the merged company was given to BRC owners. Among the owners of BRC/Cronus:

Caroline Hunt, of the Hunt Oil family, through her investment group (Rosewood Financial Partners)

Alex Sheshunoff, a financial data publisher

The late P.E. Esping, formerly of Omaha, founded First Data Merchant Services

Charter Oak Partners, an affiliate of Rothschild Realty Inc., which is an affiliate of Rothschild, Inc.

C.A. Rundell, CEO of Integrated Securities Systems, Inc., associated with Dallas-based Renaissance Capital Group Inc.: Renaissance U.S. Growth & Income Trust P.L.C., known as Rusgit, and Renaissance Three.

Ed Belanger president and CEO of CDS Technologies

Buttonwood Capital Corp — Bass brother billionaires, I think.

L.D. Brinkman Corp. Its Vice-President and General Counsel Thad R. Finley also worked for Hunt International Resources Corporation.

William D. Oates of InterPro

All this, but we still don't know the names of the owners of ES&S. For all we know, Bugs Bunny is involved. Or an organized crime boss. Or the Ahmansons are still hanging around. Or Osama bin Laden. The point is, without disclosure we really have no idea who we are dealing with.

Diebold Election Systems / Global Election Systems:
In 2002 Diebold accquired Global Election Systems.

* = CEO is Bob Urosevich, who founded ES&S.

* = Howard Van Pelt and Larry Ensminger were with Global Election Systems, but are now with another voting machine company, Advanced Voting Systems, an offshoot of Shoup.

Accenture / Hart Intercivic:
Accenture was spun from Andersen Consulting in the wake of the Enron accounting scandal, and is now teaming up to go into the elections business.

Sequoia Voting Systems Inc.
Ownership: Eighty-five percent De La Rue, 15 percent Jefferson Smurfit Group; Smurfs are in the process of selling to Madison Dearborn Partners of Chicago.

* = Sequoia bought Business Records Corporation's optical scan vote tabulation business as part of a 1997 Dept. of Justice anti-trust action with ES&S — under a licensing agreement, both companies used the same equipment and software.

All this time citizens were doing their civic duty and *voting*. Looks to me like all the while the election results were *programmed* in advance.  

2 Apr 2005 @ 07:42 by Garry M. Doll @ : WE should count the votes!!!
ES&S is a publicly traded company - if we bought enough of it, I'm sure WE could start counting them votes! Republicans would probably NEVER AGAIN win another election - and that's if we counted them FAIRLY!!!  

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