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Iraqi drone revealed

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 Iraqi drone revealed2003-03-12 23:59
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There had been a lot of furor about a supposed drone, capable of spraying biological or chemical weapons over U.S. troops, which was discovered in Iraq recently, and which Hans Blix didn't mention in his U.N. report, but burried in a big written report. Sounded like a smoking gun, and Colin Powell presented it as being very dangerous. But here you see it on the picture. It is essentially a large model airplane, which is controlled by somebody on the ground who has it within visual range. Meaning, it wouldn't be able to move more than a couple of kilometers away. And it doesn't exactly have room for any fancy weapons. Another embarrassing non-story. Story here

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1 comment

13 Mar 2003 @ 06:30 by catana : Stranger and stranger
Very interesting, considering that the original claim was about a 26' drone, while this one looks to have about a 12' wingspan. More interesting, over the long haul, is that previous examples of getting caught in egregious lies (this administrations, tobacco and other corporate officials) never seems to serve as an example. Is it stupidity or self-delusion that causes these people to believe that no one will ever get to the truth?  

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