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Call for war crimes tribunal

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 Call for war crimes tribunal2003-03-31 09:02
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by Flemming Funch

The head of Indonesia's highest legislative body today urged the United Nations to bring George W Bush and Tony Blair before a war crimes tribunal for launching the war against Iraq. Yeah, that would be a good thing. But probably not likely unless they mess up much more badly.

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1 comment

1 Apr 2003 @ 02:04 by maxtobin : It must happen!
This is what the world should be demanding with one voice. Do we want that the UN becomes redundant? Unless this senario is put into place OR the USA and UK kicked out (but then that defeats the whole purpose of a United Nations)the whole thing becomes a farce. Its scary stuff but maybe the citizens will wake up and then demand retribution for unjustified crimes against humanity. We all 'know' that the 'allies' will find plenty of evidence of Saddam's weapons and the biological and chemical nasty stuff, after all 'the allies' sold him or helped him to make such prior to the mid 80's while they were all still friends (?), BUT WHY has Saddam not used these yet when the biggest bullies on the planet are at his jugular. The answer is simple and any child could tell you he doesnt have them or they would have been used surely. When you corner a rat it will always bite if it can. The 'Allies' (USA, UK and Aust) will win the war with out doubt but I suspect it will be a hard won war and they will lose the peace, that is the bigger worry. No one will really win except for the oil companies and the construction companies that 'secure' the peace.  

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