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 The real Salam Pax2003-06-02 17:05
by Flemming Funch

Salam Pax, the famous blogger from Baghdad, has become more real. It turns out that an American journalist had been working with him, and recognized him from some of the details. And what he adds only makes Salam a more remarkable person. Story here
The day after I returned to New York, reunited with my cable modem, I checked out a friend's blog that linked to an Austrian interview with Salam Pax. I clicked to it. Salam Pax mentioned an NGO he had worked for, CIVIC, and this caught my attention. I knew the woman who was in charge of CIVIC; she stayed at my Baghdad hotel, the Hamra. Salam Pax mentioned that he had done some work for foreign journalists. We traveled in the same circles, apparently. He also mentioned that he had studied in Vienna. This really caught my attention, because I knew an Iraqi who had worked for CIVIC, hung out with foreign journalists, and studied in Vienna. I clicked over to his blog.

His latest post mentioned an afternoon he spent at the Hamra Hotel pool, reading a borrowed copy of The New Yorker. I laughed out loud. He then mentioned an escapade in which he helped deliver 24 pizzas to American soldiers. I howled. Salam Pax, the most famous and most mysterious blogger in the world, was my interpreter. The New Yorker he had been reading—mine. Poolside at the Hamra—with me. The 24 pizzas—we had taken them to a unit of 82nd Airborne soldiers I was writing about.

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3 Jun 2003 @ 05:46 by istvan : Good example of sync.
Yes the world and reality of synchronicity.
God is nothing, but the great master syncroniser. Consciousness is nothing, but the ability to recognise the manifestation of how it works to create all that is and ewer will be.  

4 Jun 2003 @ 15:45 by sharie : so funny
I can imagine his shock.  

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