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No Demand for Messages

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 No Demand for Messages2004-01-27 17:15
by Flemming Funch

Jay Rosen from Davos: "There is No Demand for Messages" via Doc Searls, who's been saying that kind of thing for some time:
Beginning in the mid 19th century, and all through the 20th, seeing people as masses could be industrially sustained. There were only so many channels, so many ways or reaching people en masse, and this convinced the message senders that there was an audience out there. But now being a bulk message sender via the media is like the guy in the street trying to get you to take a handbill. He may have motivation for delivering the message, you have none to take it.

They are the people formerly known as the audience. And they do not want your message.
They're right. If you're thinking in terms of "getting your message out" to as many people as possible, chances are that a lot of them will consider it unwanted spam, whatever the medium might be. Better think about what you can do together WITH all those individuals, that they're likely to voluntarily want to participate in.

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