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 Supersonics2004-03-28 15:34
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So, NASA was successful with their X-43A supersonic test flight, reaching Mach 7. Which is good news for the scramjet technology, and opens the door to cheaper, less resource-intensive space vehicles.

But, hey, what about the Aurora black project? A strange triangular craft has apparently been making regular trips from Nevada to Scotland and back for a number of years. At Mach 6. Which ought to indicate that it was beyond the experimental stage. And it was funded with a number of billions of dollars, hidden away in the budgets. What's up with that? Who's that reserved for?

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28 Mar 2004 @ 16:55 by b : Aurora black
I have seen the triangular Aurora aircraft. I live not far from their base. They have been around since late eighties, 20th century. Designed, flown and built in USA by men. Aurora was built for the defense of planet Earth by USA. Aurora flies to the edge of the atmosphere and can fire missles into space against asteroids, meteors, comets that threaten to impact Earth.  

29 Mar 2004 @ 11:37 by vibrani : Maybe
this is tied in with the Mars exploration - to test how the public can accept certain information?  

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