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 Freecycle TM2005-08-11 13:48
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I mentioned Freecycle recently. A site and a network for gift giving. Which is great. But now they sent me an e-mail about having trademarked the name, and their need to protect it, and how they couldn't allow anybody to call themselves "freecyclers" because it would dillude their mark. And the site is now blemished with "Freecycle TM". Looks stupid. Changes the whole thing. Makes it look like somebody's money-making idea, rather than a grassroots network for giving. Seems a little self-contradictory that somebody's trying very hard to own the name, when they pretend that it is all about giving.

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11 Aug 2005 @ 19:26 by jstarrs : Then...
..maybe you know the sEL system?

11 Aug 2005 @ 19:32 by ming : SEL
Ah, cool, didn't know about that. I know about LETS systems, of course, and have also met Michael Linton once. But didn't know about what was going on in France in that regard.  

12 Aug 2005 @ 02:49 by ming : Public Service
Right, it blows the whole idea. I stopped paying any attention to meetup.com the moment they suddenly needed money for the privilege or organizing a meeting. Of course outfits like them need some kind of funding. But I think they'd get much further by staying true to what people like about them, rather than trying to blatantly capitalize on their perceived ownership. It could be done so much more elegantly.  

17 Aug 2005 @ 17:31 by Lyne @ : dropping like flies
Today I received the following message from a freecyle moderator-Not really sure what the serious difficulties are but felt is was worth mentioning
Due to recent serious difficulties within the
Freecycle organization, this group has been renamed,
however you may continue to recycle your items through
this group, just as you always have.

If you would like to know more or would just like to
chat with your fellow list-mates, please visit our new
chat group:


This group is a chat group for all Freedomcycle
members and moderators in the state of Connecticut -

Together, we will chart a course to a better planet,
first, by making it very easy for people to find new
homes for things they no longer want.

We appreciate everything we learned as a part of The
Freecycle Network(TM), but feel that we need to go in
another direction -- one where there are fewer
problems and more shared decision-making. We want to
be free from the restrictions we felt were being
placed on us, as individuals and as group leaders. We
know that together, we will find a better way.

This was not our first choice, but it is clearly our
only choice.  

18 Aug 2005 @ 11:19 by ming : Freecycle
Hm, yeah, that TM thing sort of smelled like there might be bigger things going on under the surface. Somebody trying to control things, restrict activity. That's a shame.  

23 Aug 2005 @ 05:37 by Skyee @ : DENIED DUE TO RELIGION!!!!
I can't beleive this... I was DENIED membership and BANNED from the IndyFreecycle group before I had a chance to post or even read the messages!!!! Sheesh!

Apparently freecycle groups are run by BIGOTS who can't seem to allow other folks freedom of religion!!!

I think I'll throw all this leftover stuff in the TRASH 'cos IndyFreecycle thinks it is too good to accept items from a WITCH. What dumb Chicken shits!!!  

28 May 2006 @ 01:33 by Nancy Daniels @ : Freecycle Banning members for no reason
Freecycle namely Deron and Karen/Amy the Ontario GOA have requested that several members be banned from several freecycle groups. This appears to be totally vindictive as there is no basis in why they have done so other that what you will read below.

First off I would like to say that no one that was a member of the bowmanvillecourticeoshawa ecycle group did anything wrong until Adriana Mascotti started causing problems for several members. Yes one member did ask her a question and got banned for asking.

Freecycle has chosen to side with the Durham Region Freecycle moderator through all of this and given Adriana Mascotti's from what I can a "history of abusing" moderators of area freecycle groups this is unbelieveable to me. Many of you may know her from the "modsqueads"

Even though Deron and Karen/Amy ( not quite sure of the name as the email addresss says one thing yet the signature says the other) have been provided with written documentation on all the issues I am about to address. Including documented time lines that PROVE who started what first. They have still chose to take the steps outlined above. I implore you to question their tactics and ask for explainations for all this matter. I would also appreciate it if any of you would kindly fill me in as he or she has never so much as given us an explanation as to why they took the steps that they did.

This all originated with a complaint to Freecycle on the issues below yet somehow WE are the ones that have been banned from all freecycle groups.

For those of you who don't know. Here is a break down of how things happened in the order in which they happened. Sorry if some of this is repetative but instead of having to type the same thing over and over again I have copied and pasted it from other emails.

Deron and the Ontario GOA have recieved all the documentation and have now banned at least 3 or 6 people who have NEVER caused a problem on the freecycle groups in which they were involved and have never had any involvement in any of these issues.

Here is what has happed and God only knows why Deron is taking these steps.

This all started with Adriana Mascotti banning Anne from her site because Anne asked her a question as to why Adriana did something a certain way. Adrian much like Deron is on a GOD/MOD trip. She is only 19 and has a history of banning people for no reason and for egging people on. She is one of the main reasons why the Toronto group of 6,000 members went down. She was teasing the group owner and being relentless in her emails to her. Nasty stuff.

Well after she banned Anne Adriana posted a wanted on several of the area groups including mine looking for used Ninetendo systems. So Anne responded that she had some. Adriana said that if Anne gave them to her that she would reinstate her on her group. Anne posted this email on our chat group. As it was a very low blow for Adriana to try and pull a stunt like that.

In retaliation for it being posted on the Chat Adriana banned about 8 people on the chat group just for the hell of it. There was no reason why she just did. Some had not even responded to the post. She then started banning family and friends of the individuals.

We took this up with Freecycle GOA and DERON and they basically said that Adriana made an error in judgement in the original post to Anne and she told the GOA that the ban was only temporary yet she never told Anne it was only temporary.

We fought this off and on with the GOA and got no where.

Tracy and another woman drove down to Adriana;s to try and sort things out with her and make peace. Everything was fine and they supposedly had a great conversation. Tracy came home and said in an email that they had gotten everything straightened out and that Adriana was lifting the bans.

Then Adriana again in retaliation on her blog posted Tracy's email, address and phone number on her blog. She was asked to remove it and did not.

So in a tit for tat fashion someone and Not any of the people involved in all of this created a website similar to show Adriana how it felt to have crap plastered all over the place. Tracy called the police to try and have Adriana remove her private information from the site. The police were able to get her to remove it. So the other tit for tat site was also taken down. I also recieved a call from the police and they had Tracy go the the justice of the peace to have peace bond laid against Adriana. Adriana changed her story and said that Tracy and the other woman came down and threatened her instead of making peace. However Tracy did have the other woman as a witness.

We emailed the GOA and Deron and explained what was going on. They said they couldn;t do anything without proof so proof was supplied to them. Adriana denied the police came to her home so the GOA got on the phone with the police and demanded to know what was going on. I had sent her a copy of the police report.

Even after all that nothing has been done to remove Adriana as a moderator of the group or to reinstate those that want to be on the group. The responses I have from the GOA are all on file. Basically she said it's only an internet group and they should just get over it.

Well Adriana went a step further and started on a singles chat pretending to be Tracy (now remember the only thing that Tracy has done is to go to Adriana's and try and make peace as she was one of the eight people banned for no reason).

Adriana sent some strange man to Tracy's door expecting to go out on a date. When Tracy explained that it was a hoax the fellow went through his emails and was able to trace back the email to wolfee_2002@yahoo.com which is Adriana's email address. This information was also supplied to the police, Deron and the GOA.

Well Adriana is still the group owner and nothing has been done.

I was a mod for Freecycle Kawartha and the group owner was asked by Deron and the GOA to let me go. I think you will remember that thread about a month ago. Well she didn't and we took the group out of the Freecycle network instead.

Anne out of frustration has created a blog that is definitely negative to freecycle, Adriana, Deron and the GOA. (and rightly so!)

She recieved an email threatening if the blog wasn't removed within the next 48 hrs they were going to take legal action against her.

She did nothing and is not afraid of them.

However freecycle today banned Anne, Tracy and another woman who had done absolutely nothing from their BCO Freecycle group.

They also used my Bowmanville courtice Oshawa group name as their title in the email which I forwarded to the group with a cease and desist on using it to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Pretty much that is the story for now. It is still pending legal action but for some strange reason and with all Adriana;s abusive history they still stand by her and allow her to own the group.


Nancy Daniels  

5 Jul 2006 @ 02:38 by Lani @ : freecycle
I was kicked of the Novi group tonight for offering (for free) a winning in the cash flow business kit I had. I stated that I had decided it wasn't for me. I recieved an email from the moderator stating "You sent spam, you have been permanently banned. You are not longer welcome
back." Now go figure, can't for the life of me figure out what spam I sent. Wow, kicked off a freecycle group for offering something for free!!!! I went to another group, offered the same thing and got rid of it.  

7 Jul 2006 @ 01:44 by tiffinie828 @ : A plug for my Chicago group
With all of the talk of alternatives to Freecycle, I thought I might make mention of an alternative to Freecycle in Chicago. Chicago eCycle has fewer members which cuts down on the amount of emails and increases your chances of receiving things offered. Please visit us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Chicago_Ecycle  

27 Jul 2006 @ 22:29 by Judy @ : freecycling
If you're interested in reading about the dirty deeds of the freecycle network, may I suggest fcnext at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fcnext/. The archives are open to anyone who wishes to read them. If you're interested in finding a group in your area, check out http://www.freesharing.org. Freecycling is alive and well without benefit of the freecycle network.  

29 Jul 2006 @ 17:46 by Val @ : Being banned for no reason and GOA's
You dont have to be an old freecycle mod or anything else to feel the sting of freecycle.As a former member of (and now owner of recycling groups)i felt the powertripping tactics and control freecycle had over its members/mods/owners.I recieved nothing but critism, judgement, isolation and constant attacks from them.No matter how hard i tried to please..ie..post properly, speak properly, react properly(within "their" standards of course), that, and the pickle up the thumb was enough to inspire me and many more around me to start up my own group and do things without the constant spanking.
G.O.A.'s!!!!.Thats a joke..does someone actually pay those people(yes,..i recognize those lovely names)..i would hope they dont pay them lol, it would be a waste of money.All they say is "so what" or "if ya dont like it too bad"..real good custumer apprieciation.Freecycle can keep it name and its scandelous reputation, i wouldnt want to be assosiated with a corporation that insists on treating people the way they do.Just my two cents worth!...Val..in Ottawa canada(owner recycleottawa and freeottawareuse, and much happier there thank you.; )...)  

12 Jul 2007 @ 18:51 by Dave @ : freecycle HA!! - nothing free with TFN
A year on from the last comment here and still this abuse of mods etc goes on - groups are still leaving or being forced out, owners of groups with NOTHING at all to do with recycling get sent C&D notices from the trademark@freecycle.org address. Free speech - forget it, disagree with "DaHub" and it's "bye bye, and shut the door after you"  

12 Jul 2007 @ 21:18 by Bev G @ : Freecycle to Realcycle
In the UK try http://www.realcycle.co.uk. We need members and moderators for new groups. Other disillusioned Freecycle owner/moderators are very welcome to join us.  

26 Oct 2007 @ 19:47 by Jan @ : Being Banned from freecycle.
Hello I was banned from posting anything on freecycle for THREE months.
I know each community has it's own set a rules but if you really don't do
anything wrong...what the heck.

I was banned from on community for posting a zipcode and not a location.
Then, I did accidentally intermingled a want with an offer. Then my final
strike was for posting an unsed Entertainment Book. This is a book where you
buy one meal and get one free. There were two weeks left and I posted an OFFER for the entire book. Freecycle told me that you are not allowed to post coupons and that was my third strike. Three strikes and you are OUT...as the saying goes. I was stunned. I looked at my other emails and other communities allow individual coupons - which if they can help people go for it, if you don't get carried away. I posted an entire book.

YIKES....why do some allow some postings and others don't.  

13 Nov 2008 @ 11:26 by Seamus @ : Start your own group
Freecycle is becoming a joke. The Rules they impose make it hurtful to give stuff away. Start your own local group, it takes 5 mins. In the UK there are dozens sprouting up every day, If I wanna give something away, I wanna do it with as little hassle and rigmarole as possible. I'm not saying have NO rules in a grou, but be sensible, not every region or area will follow the same rules, and frankly it's stupid to even think this. Freecycle Owners and moderators blindly follow the rules imposed on them for fear they will lose thier groups. (I know I was an owner) TFN is an exceptionally good idea, spoiled by the moneymaking greed of the Founder and his echelons.  

15 Dec 2008 @ 00:33 by Jenny @ : I was denied by Naperville moderator
I live in the same city but the moderator wouldn't let me join it. He or she said I joined the other freecycle groups already. Where is this policy on freecycle.org? I think it's totally unfair.

> From: MyTwoDogz
> Subject: Re: reply for membership
> To: janeping7@yahoo.com
> Date: Sunday, December 14, 2008, 10:35 AM
> Jenny,
> You applied to several freecycles.
> -location-
> Applied chicagofreecycle Dec 05 2008
> Applied aurorailfreecycle Dec 04 2008
> Applied bataviailfreecycle Dec 06 2008
> So we denied your membership. Hopefully being on fewer
> list will allow you to participate in sharing and taking
> from the group/s you belong to.  

27 Jun 2009 @ 22:17 by Monty Hall @ : Freecycle - a little repressive/zealous?
I recently joined my local Freecycle group. So far, I am having more luck giving stuff away using the "Free" listing on Craigslist. There do appear to be many ticky tack rules. I can certainly understand the need for "order" and the desire to filter out SPAM, SCAM and SCUM. I am keeping an open mind but so far not impressed. Too much power to the Mods it looks like. Reminds me of HOA's that get uptight about every rule and dream up new ones to boot. I would probably look past this if it wasn't the whole process so darn inefficient! I wonder if the CL model of community flagging wouldn't work better than filtering everything through some overworked/overpowered/cranky moderator. The moderator could then just review flagged items and the rest would quickly be posted and responded to. People cleaning out their house or garage or spare room don't usually have a week lead time to sort/post/wait for moderator review/wait for response/coordinate pickup/etc.

If anyone has a more user friendly service in Souther California, please let me know.


I too noted the restriction on multi locations. This doesn't work well for me since I am in the midst of a transition in jobs and living locations - and that's why I want to get rid of things in one location and acquire a few essential items in the new location.  

31 Aug 2009 @ 12:52 by Vickey @ : Banned from Naperville IL Freecycle
I was a member of the Naperville IL Freecycle group for a short time. During my membership, I was first accused of not being the correct area in order to be in the group. I was banned from the group. After many emails to the moderator of the group, my membership was reinstated. Then a few months later, I was banned from the group again. This time, with no reason given. After multiple emails to the moderator, there was still no reason given. I had to email the national freecycle moderator to get any answers. The only answers that they were able to get was that I picked up items that were not promised to me and that I posted too many "Wanted" posts. Neither of these did I do.

Anyone that is a member of this group or wishes to become a member, please beware of these practices of members being accused of not following the group's rule without being given a chance to defend themselves when things like this go bad.


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