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 232005-08-19 20:20
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Yesterday I was at the launch event for 23 in Copenhagen. I'm on vacation in Denmark at the moment. "23", spearheaded by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, is a photo storage and sharing website. Well, there are several of those already, but these guys seem to have gone a good deal further and really created a system that does what most people actually need and want. It seems quite suited to replace whatever local program you store your digital photos in. I use iPhoto. 23 does most of what iPhoto does, and most of what Flickr does, and some things none of them do. While still appearing very simple. You can add photos a number of ways. By e-mail, by an upload, either individually or as a zip file, from a URL, or from plugins to iPhoto or similar programs. You can organize your photos in a number of ways, like tagging them and putting them in albums. You have finegrained control over who can look at the photos. They can be all private, they can be public, or you can give particular people access to particular photos or albums. You can subscribe to photos from certain people or with certain tags. Even with a free account you can upload lots of photos, and with a very cheap paid account you have unlimited storage. Doesn't scare them at all that lots of folks are going to upload the multiple gigabytes they have on their disks already. The system is very new so you might well run into quirks, or things that aren't there yet. And there are less than 100 users right now. But overall it seems very well designed. They've thought a lot about the usability, and interviewed many people about how they use photos and what they need. Anyway, be one of the first to check it out.

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20 Aug 2005 @ 00:38 by swanny : Thanks Ming
Thanks I logged on although I guess they
don't take tif files
other than that it simple as pie...
whats the consequence though?

Anyway if it flies
It will be great...
and true progress...
and democracy?
Is this perhaps democracy in action


wouldn't mind seeing something like this
for my mp3s

they're a bigger file mind you and it looks
like the bigger files (over 10mb)
the web and emails won't take...
and isn't set up for at the moment
I've got a 200mb file I don't know what to do with

anyway thanks for the info...


20 Aug 2005 @ 10:08 by silviamar : thanks for the info, Ming
I used to share my pics using {link:http://www.shutterfly.com/learn/get_details.jsp|Shutterfly} and also print some and send them to my friends in Spain when I was living in CA. 23 looks interesting, with a lot of features. Now I don't need it because I have my own website to upload the pics, but some of my friends will find it useful.
By the way, since I discovered {link:http://www.iview-multimedia.com/products/index.php|iview} I don't use iphoto anymore to sort and organize my pics. Have you tried it? You can even make webpages with the pics and videos automatically, like with photoshop.  

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