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 What's going down?2007-01-11 15:16
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Is it just me, or hasn't there been many more strange aerial events in the news recently?

Bunch of United employees see a UFO over O'Hare, which leaves, poking a hole in the clouds. United and FAA first deny it, but through FOI, FAA admits it was reported, but they won't look into it

Burning pieces of metal rain over Wyoming after spectacular display in the sky. Norad says it was a piece of a Russian rocket

Meteorite lands in New Jersey bathroom

Strange smell all over Manhattan, seems to come from New Jersey

Thousands of dead birds fall from the sky in both Australia and America

Best comet sighting for 32 years, spotted over "World's End"

Something is obviously in the air. I hope it is better than it smells.

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11 Jan 2007 @ 18:18 by bushman : Hmm,
spats of heavy traffic. My new therory of the sun born comets and planets. Science decides the truth of the times, obsevations break them down. If the solar system was formed by this clump of gas from the big bang, it was only the sun that formed first, then thru CME's spat out planets and smaller debris, or babies that the sun accualy feeds thru gurgitation when the small comet passes, over time and subsequent CME's the baby gains mass and cools. Planets are the product of supermasive CME's. It's my contention that the sun has birth cycles, seen as solar maximums, like the womans clock, her temp rises at ovulation and she drops an egg. We see a time table of solar max every 11 years, we see a higher max every 33 years, and maybe every 99 years we get a more masive solar max, and maybe over say 3000 years or so the sun goes thru a supermasive solar max where it could spit out enough mass to make a planet. The anciant stories of Nibaru the destroyer, could the last big baby of been Venus, and wouldnt that cause havoc to the solar system till it finaly settled into a stable orbit?
Since they found in comet dust that the particals are forged, comets can no longer be looked at as primodial stuff, they are born of the sun. Just looking at the normal decay of radioactive particals, we see what happens to the decayed solids, as they condence into metals, planet cores are molten metals, the sun is a ball of molten metals at its core, planet crust is just the slag generated as the planet cools.
You can prove this if your a welder, when you cut metal with a torch, you make molen balls that fall and cool, you can see little sparks blow off the ball as it cools, and the thin skin of slag that forms around it.
Science finds that the univers is expanding and seems to be accelerating its expantion, but this is even explained easily, if its true we are falling, planets stay in orbit because they are falling into the sun, but because they are falling a a specific speed for thier mass they just orbit and are in a constant stable fall, so this being true, the sun must be falling too, and once we take the gravitational bend like a firework, we accelerate, creating a little more friction and accualy heating up the whole solar system a little more. Some will say theres no friction in space, but the small wouldnt realy notice, the solar system as a whole is way huge, so it would notice friction in space. Finely, just looking at the obvious, comets have a tail, planets have a tail, and the sun/solar system has a tail.
Here is a QT video of the sun feeding a baby:
Here is a link to more info on comets:

Anyone want to bet, when this comet McNaught rounds the sun, there will be a CME that gets spat right at the comet?.  

28 Apr 2016 @ 19:49 by Veruca @ : JltwoTuLRIXi
Many people get very irritated by the mere sight of a cockroach. These methods that you have mentioned here are excellent for keeping coahcocrkes away from your garden. I have personally seen the birds method work as they do enjoy feeding on bugs.  

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