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 Ysabella2007-02-02 19:50
picture by Flemming Funch

Is grassroots video production and sharing mechanisms like YouTube going to change the world of media? Maybe. Probably nobody's going to produce Star Wars in their garage in the near future, although there are fun take-offs. One might do mash-ups. And people might do other things that are more authentic and personal, which might be as interesting as watching TV.

Meet YouTube user MaryAnne aka Ysabella Brave. She discovered that singing was fun, so she started doing little videos of her singing classic songs, using a dinky camera and a desk lamp and no editing software. And they turned out to be popular and she developed a following. Which I can understand. She's really cute, obviously has fun with her videos, and one can't help falling in love with her. And she can sing. Oh, she doesn't hit all the notes all the time, but she puts on a great show. She has 12,000 subscribers. And now she does these little videos where she answers questions from fans and that kind of thing. And she really does seem to be an unusually sweet person.

This is a kind of reality television. There's something to say for real people. But mainstream reality TV has gotten awfully scripted, so maybe real, real people would be more interesting. Oh, I suppose not everybody is interesting. But if you have a talent or a unique angle on things, there are certainly ways you can have an audience now.

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2 Feb 2007 @ 16:31 by Ge Zi @ : amazing
thanks for that post and link, Flemming!
One of those time-black-hole again ;-)  

2 Feb 2007 @ 16:39 by ming : Ysabella
Ha, yes, can be a little addictive. I only discovered her yesterday, but I've watched most of the videos.  

2 Feb 2007 @ 16:47 by swanny : Hmmm
not bad


3 Feb 2007 @ 21:32 by ming : MaryAnne
Oh, gosh, what did I say? :-( The thing about not hitting all the notes? Sorry about that. This was really meant as a glowing review. All the more impressive without any formal singing classes or anything.  

4 Feb 2007 @ 12:45 by swanny : Not...
I don't think that was MA as it would be rather easy
to fake unless you checked the IP as

she is rather busy answering about 20,000 emails

but on that subject I do have good reviews about her rendition of Amazing Grace

quite sincere...

sir swanny  

4 Feb 2007 @ 14:17 by ming : IP
Well, I did check the IP, and I believe she works at Yahoo, which was exactly where it came from, so I'm pretty sure it was her.  

4 Feb 2007 @ 21:53 by swanny : Okay...
Maybe her new found fame then is giving her an attitude?

Well she is quite good.

but let us hope, pray and wish that her success doesn't go to her head and ruin her charm.


7 Feb 2007 @ 13:34 by swanny : and now...
feb 2 2007

and now for something totally strange

link = http://tonalsoft.com/downloads/music/prent-rodgers_subduction-zone.mp3  

7 Feb 2007 @ 13:48 by ming : Sounds
Oh, it's not that strange. I kind of like it. Where is it from?  

7 Feb 2007 @ 14:35 by swanny : Microtonal music
Its a place called tonalsoft
link = http://tonalsoft.com/

now I thought that this style was called "atonal"
but apparently it is now a legimate form
of "microtonal" music "just" something
it is kind of "different" gives a new dimension
to music that is oversatuated by tv and such...
It'd be interesting to try to picture or envision
images along with it
the jazz one is quite good on the samples page
and the ones on the bottom are more new agey

I suppose it would fit in somewhere it a person mood
catalogue.... perhaps an acquired taste.


17 Feb 2007 @ 03:28 by ming : Ysabella
I'm a little embarrassed. This page somehow shows higher in Google right now when you search on {link:http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=ysabella&btnG=Search|Ysabella} than her own page. I bet she notices and comes by again. If so, Hi MaryAnne!!  

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