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Tunnel across the Bering Strait

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 Tunnel across the Bering Strait2007-04-25 13:51
by Flemming Funch

Russia plans to build a $65 billion tunnel under the Bering Strait to Alaska. Cool, finally I'll be able to drive to California, even though it will be a bit long. CNN:
The proposed 68-mile tunnel would be the longest in the world. It would also be the linchpin for a 3,700-mile railroad line stretching from Yakutsk -- the capital of a gold- and mineral-rich Siberian region roughly the size of India -- through extreme northeastern Russia, in waters up to 180 feet deep and into the western coast of Alaska. Winter temperatures there routinely hit minus 94 F. (Map)

By comparison, the undersea tunnel that is now the world's longest -- the Chunnel, linking Britain and France -- is only 30 miles long.

That raises the prospect of some tantalizingly exotic routes -- train riders could catch the London-Moscow-Washington express, conference organizers suggested.

Lobbyists claimed the project is guaranteed to turn a profit after 30 years. As crews construct the road and rail link, they said, the workers would also build oil and gas pipelines and lay electricity and fiber-optic cables. Trains would whisk cargos at up to 60 mph 260 feet beneath the seabed.

Eventually, 3 percent of the world's cargo could move along the route, organizers hope
Russia's last czar, Nicholas II, approved a similar plan already more than 100 years ago. Hopefully it works out this time.

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26 Apr 2007 @ 08:30 by atty. alejo f. estepa @ : BERING SEA AND THE LEMURIAN GOLD 7 TREAS
BERING sea is the original land bridge between ASIA and the AMERICAS during the ICE AGES and a big part of LEMURIA is located there with all its gold and treasures. Could it be the RUSSIANS are using the proposed longest submarine tunnel (longer than the submarine tunnel between England and France)to access the treasures therein. In the Philippines, there is a mysteriuous "BERING-AN CITY or araw (in the native dialect) city or GOLD CITY that comes very much alive only from twelve midnight to 4 in the morning (bright as daylight and plenty of activity)Daytime the place is totally a forested area. Bering-an City is specifically located atop thge mountains in a vast elevated plateau, beneath of which is the largest bauxite deposit in the world.  

26 Apr 2007 @ 09:40 by gravitonring : Czar Nicholas and the Russian diaspora
i lived in Canada at the end of my teens, 1958, with the Baroness, Catherine de Hueck, then married to Eddie Doherty, a famous US publisher; Catherine grew up with the Czar's family, and became a battlefield hero, nursing the Czarist troops, until the great escape, Helen Isvolsky, Ayn Rand, many prolific Russian women escaped the bloody mess; not without pain, and addiction, opium deadens it  

31 May 2007 @ 14:40 by jmarc : Maybe
there's already one there, that the "indians" used to get here in the first place?  

31 May 2007 @ 16:21 by bushman : Hmm,
The gold cities were in the south west USA, Ive been to 2 of them, nothing but ruins now. During the land bridge time, glaciers were melting fast, many huge rivers ran, carving out the grand canyon, then there was glacier lake Mazula, that broke, and sent a mile high wall of water accros the USA, where most of it spilled into the pacific ocean off the coast of Washington and Oregon. More people came over here by boat and came up rivers that dont exist anymore, just if you look at the big rivers we still have, you can imagine they were much bigger in the past, maybe less than 20,000 years ago. There is plenty of evidence that Lumeria and the remnant of its satilite cities were in the 4 corners area, where many big rivers came together. There are plenty of artifacts that are found here from trade with Egypt and India, China, then all of a suden trade stops, till very recent times, around the 1300s in south america, there must of still been mountains of ice to the north, till the days of Columbus. Now humanity is back to its old tricks, worldwide trade mostly sent by ships. I do know there are some huge underground tunnel systems, probably to deep underground cities, just as our governments have today, and used to save the cream of the crop, during major disasters, catalisims from space, these things happen all the time on this planet, and again as in a cycle, the surface of the earth might become unihabital for a few 100 years, due to many threats, like if yellowstone went off, the whole world would suffer for 100s of years. Land bridge or not, it was damn cold, and an extreemly long hike and little available food, it was only a few that came over to north america from there, most came here by boats. further more, they are crazy to run a tunnel thru that region, in that it is just way unstable, there is serious techtonic activity, that would be like building a tunnel thru Java and Sumatra.  

21 Apr 2016 @ 06:16 by Loran @ : NMJLNTRNEoulEd
Thought it wolndu't to give it a shot. I was right.  

21 Apr 2016 @ 11:52 by Kylia @ : dxdXIzXSCeEZe
I had no idea how to approach this beooer-nfw I'm locked and loaded.  

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