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Apple on Intel

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 Apple on Intel2005-06-06 23:32
by Flemming Funch

Apple switches to Intel. Uarrrh, I'm shocked. ....... Well, maybe it can end up being a good thing, even if it flirts a little too much with the dark side of the force. Maybe macs can cost the same as PCs. Maybe they'll find some way of making them better anyways. Maybe they'll run Windows apps at full speed, and then finally be able to sell tons of Macs to enterprises, based on having zero viruses and zero spyware and few security vulnerabilities, and having much lower cost of ownership. I don't know.

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7 Jun 2005 @ 13:25 by Neb Okla @ : It's a good thing...
As long as they make a version of Mac OS for existing PC's they could gain market share much faster than through the current system of hardware only "switching". Heck, I'd run Mac OS on my old Dell that's currently just sitting here doing mostly nothing.

Cost reduction would be a good thing for Apple. As for having zero viruses and spyware, don't count on it. The only reason Apple has less of that sort of thing is that it has less of an audience. Of course, since Mac users tend to know less about security in my experience, it might even become a sweeter target than PC's.

The platform with the dumbest users will always lose in the virus/spyware war.  

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