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Snow in L.A.?

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 Snow in L.A.?2007-01-14 19:44
picture by Flemming Funch

Wow, it is snowing in parts of L.A. it seems. Not much, but see these pictures from Fontana at least. Enough to make the TV news in France. And cold enough for the Governator to declare a state of emergency. It really doesn't snow much in Southern California. While we lived there it was maybe once every couple of years that it snowed for something like five minutes somewhere. Here in Toulouse it is 11 degrees celcius, and it hasn't snowed this winter.

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14 Jan 2007 @ 17:16 by Merlin Silk @ : Darn ....
... I missed it!  

14 Jan 2007 @ 18:36 by Hanae @ : It's snowing

Well...not really - not in my neck of the "hood" anyway.

BUT, I did see plenty of snow nonetheless, at Royce Hall, UCLA, last week ;-)  

14 Jan 2007 @ 18:53 by Hanae @ : One of those moments in time,
I suppose.

I am still pulling (confetti) snow out of my pockets.

This comment from one spectator says it all:
"There was so much humanity in this little show. It was amazing how it got perfect strangers working together. Equally amazing was the fact that no one rushed out to leave at the end. Instead, people stayed and played."  

14 Jan 2007 @ 21:29 by ming : Snow
I'm glad you found some fun kind of snow show.

It sucks when it is cold. But in SoCal, or here in SoFrance, for that matter, it snows so very rarely that it becomes a very enjoyable thing. Like, here, if it snows, we all rush outside and try to make snowballs, because it doesn't last long, so we know we'll have to grab the chance. I don't remember if it ever snowed enough in L.A. for us to make snowballs. I actually don't remember if I ever saw snow there, other than in the mountains. Maybe once in the 18 years we were there.  

15 Jan 2007 @ 23:45 by jobrown : It snows in So Cal
pretty much every winter; it all depends on the altitude one is on!... I lived for nine years in the Mountains with SNOW to (Downtown closest to Los Angeles and yes, we had a few years not so good winters, when even making snow was difficult. Though most people in the Village like it better when there's no snow on the Mountain. The only reason we tolerate the snow, is because our friends Missy and Ron et co, makes so much of their living with the Ski Resort and the lifts and by selling Items related to playing in /with snow. (The Vliiage turns into a Madhouse weekends!... traffic literally Bumper to bumper, more like a parking lot than actually traffic. And every weekend at least one accident and/or one lost in the mountains; rescue crews out there; mad, mad huzzle & buzzle around the Fire Station; in the center of the Village.
But when Things are "normal" there's plenty of snow every winter, often times from Nov to late May, sometimes even into June; certainly on the North Slopes.
The same thing can be said about Lake Arrowhead Resorts, where I lived before MtB, and also Wrightwood Ski Resort/s and Mt Pinios are famous for the White Stuff.
I do understand, Ming, that you meant snow on SEA level, but I have to tell you; Fontana is closer to Mt BaldyVillage, both in Altitude and in its geophysical location than it is to Downtown LA.  

16 Jan 2007 @ 09:26 by ming : Fontana
I actually had to look Fontana up on the map, and I must admit it isn't exactly L.A. Downtown, but quite far out along the 210 in the foothills. I considered that roughly the same kind of thing, as I lived in Glendale for some years, which is in L.A. but along those same foothills. Mostly I got excited about the idea of snow in L.A. But everybody in L.A. who answered me said they hadn't seen any, but that it was just damned cold.  

16 Jan 2007 @ 11:28 by jobrown : Yuuppp, the Temp was
right for snow even Down Town LA, those couple of days, but there was no precipitation! Bummer!Once the precipitation started, the temp went up on the Ocean level...But the Mountains are colder than "ever before" , still; the mercury went down to the teens! Unheard of in So.Cal!Brrrrrr..... But this is exactly what makes So. Cal so very Special!... You have perfect Winter Activity conditions a "stones throw away from balmy Oceanside leisure and driving it's only one hour ( and fifteen minutes to MtB Village and then it is roughly half an hour of switch back driving -and there you have it; the first ski lift! : )) difference . Very unique!  

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