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 Photosynth2007-06-14 01:00
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Wow, indeed. This video from TED. Mindblowing technology. I don't get how it is possible, but I want it. Photosynth can apparently both navigate gigabytes of photos, of any resolution, extremely rapidly, and also piece together random photos of places or objects into 3D collages. For the first part, the guy shows an iPhoto kind of thing, where you can zip through thousands of pictures, but you can also zoom in to any level of detail, if available. So, you see what looks like a microfilm, and you can zoom in, and it is a whole book, you can read the pages, and all the way to a blowup of a single letter. And then he shows a collage of photos from Flickr tagged as being of "Notre Dame" in Paris. And their software can apparently figure out their relations, and piece them together in a 3D model, where you can zoom in on any part that anybody took a picture of. Only downside in sight is that Microsoft bought the company that invented this. I noticed there was a Firefox plugin, but it immediately let me know that it would only work on Windows. (Via Ben Hammersley)

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14 Jun 2007 @ 08:16 by FreedomBuilder @ : You mean...
It would only work on IE? I just loaded it into my Windows-based Firefox browser no problem. Its a tad slow, but that's probably just my machine than the browser, but its cool, nonetheless. The TED video was awesome...

There's just more and more things to get *excited* about our future (Procivilization).  

14 Jun 2007 @ 13:33 by ming : Photosynth
I was happy to see there was a Firefox plugin, but ... I'm using Firefox on Mac. Plugins are normally not OS dependent, but this one is. XP or Vista only.  

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