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 LeWeb32007-12-26 21:19
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I didn't get around to mentioning it, but a couple of weeks ago I was at the LeWeb3 in Paris. A huge, very well-run conference, organized by Loic Le Meur. Just about anybody who is anything in the web tech community was there. Over 1800 participants. Which is so many that I didn't even succeed in running into all people I knew or wanted to meet.

The videos of the presentations are all available now, here. In excellent quality. That's pretty much the best video archive I've seen from any event.

Noteworthy presentations I particularly remember are Joi Ito talking about what one can learn from World of Warcraft guilds that might be applied to other types of software or collaboration, Evan Williams, the creator of Twitter (and Blogger) talking about designing software based on discovering what one can take away, just like an sculptor would take away parts of a rock to reveal what's inside. Philippe Starck, famous design genius, talking about a bunch of things, and in passing revealing principles of great design. Hans Rosling about visualizing big world changes. Doc Searls is always good. And, well, there was much good stuff. And now you can see the videos for yourself, if you feel like it.

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