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What happened before the big bang

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 What happened before the big bang2007-07-05 23:40
by Flemming Funch

An article at Nature Physics. One can only see it if one pays, but this is the abstract.
Was the Universe before the Big Bang of classical nature, described well by a smooth space–time? Or was it in a highly fluctuating quantum state? This is one of the most basic questions that we may ask once it is accepted that there was something before the Big Bang. Loop quantum gravity applied to isotropic models has shown that the quantum evolution of a wavefunction extends through the Big Bang. Although a general demonstration is still lacking, this may suggest that calculations, and possibly future indirect observations, may allow us to see the Universe as it was before the Big Bang. Here, we analyse an explicit model with a pre-Big Bang era, indicating limitations that would imply that it is practically impossible to answer some of our questions. Assumptions (or prejudice) will remain necessary for knowing the precise state of the Universe, which cannot be fully justified within science itself.
I suspect I wouldn't understand it, even if I read the whole thing, so that's about enough. But the interesting thought there is the prospect of modeling what happened before the Big Bang. Would be fun if we had some new time coordinates, just as A.D. and B.C., so how about B.B.B. for Before Big Bang, and A.B.B. for After Big Bang, of course. Big Bada Boom.

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6 Jul 2007 @ 07:10 by Merlin Silk @ : I like ...
... Big Bada Boom the best.
I think that's an appropriate comment to the idea of making a theory about what's before the beginning of time - I mean, think about it: a 'BEFORE' (describing a point in time) the beginning of time. Sorry, I assume here from what I know that the BB is also the beginning of time.
But you have to give it to the physicists - they are pretty smart - working on a theory - and getting funding for it - that can only be verified after we invent things like 'ludicrous speed' drives (see the scientific treatise in the movie Space Balls.)
It's a pretty darn save theory to develop.
(Full disclosure: I am a physicist myself, so I can say something like this - in the same manner as only Jewish comedians may crack Jewish jokes.)  

6 Jul 2007 @ 22:02 by ming : Big Bada Boom
Yeah, it is a bit silly thinking about what happened before time. A paradox, because one uses imprecise words. There is an outside the universe, of course, but it wouldn't be measurable in the space and time that it is outside of. Wouldn't be "before" and it wouldn't be X lightyears in any direction.  

20 Oct 2007 @ 02:35 by Rev. Gus @ : Outside of time.
It is my (limited) understanding that once an atom is created, it continues forever. Hence there may very well be hydrogen atoms in our personal make up that were created at the moment (or shortly thereafter) of the Big Bang. They just keep on clicking. But, before they buzzed into being, they were still potentials. Possibilities. Perhaps "Time" BBB can never be categorized more than simply as a potential. Minus location. Minus dimension. And, yet, existing on a "potential plane". It could also be that we with our limited mentalities have enough to worry about with Time, Space & Distance on this side of the BBB.  

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