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Parallel universes are a bit more real

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 Parallel universes are a bit more real2007-09-27 00:46
by Flemming Funch

Doesn't really say much, but that's good news. Breibart:
Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists described by one expert as "one of the most important developments in the history of science".

The parallel universe theory, first proposed in 1950 by the US physicist Hugh Everett, helps explain mysteries of quantum mechanics that have baffled scientists for decades, it is claimed.

In Everett's "many worlds" universe, every time a new physical possibility is explored, the universe splits. Given a number of possible alternative outcomes, each one is played out - in its own universe.

A motorist who has a near miss, for instance, might feel relieved at his lucky escape. But in a parallel universe, another version of the same driver will have been killed. Yet another universe will see the motorist recover after treatment in hospital. The number of alternative scenarios is endless.

It is a bizarre idea which has been dismissed as fanciful by many experts. But the new research from Oxford shows that it offers a mathematical answer to quantum conundrums that cannot be dismissed lightly - and suggests that Dr Everett, who was a Phd student at Princeton University when he came up with the theory, was on the right track.

Commenting in New Scientist magazine, Dr Andy Albrecht, a physicist at the University of California at Davis, said: "This work will go down as one of the most important developments in the history of science."
Actually it doesn't tell us anything about what they figured out. But there is a parallel universe somewhere, in which that would have been a more informative article. And there's another one where I would have been able to understand the math in that more informative article.

Now, the next question is: Does the universe split all the time, in all possible directions, or only on special occasions, like just before you buy lottery tickets, or when you're leaning out the window in a tall building? I'd say it does it all the time, but that the idea of "splitting" gives the completely wrong idea. It is just a matter of having enough dimensions. Does the North/South compass direction split into East or West in millions of places? That's an equally silly question. If you're walking North, you're free to stop at any time and walk East, and you're free to walk back and go SouthWest. The place you came from didn't disappear just because you left it. That's the magic of being able to move in two dimensions. Parallel universes is just the same kind of thing, and only sounds magical because we folks are dimensionally challenged. We think we're walking in just one direction, even though we're changing tracks all the time. And of course there are multiple choices of tracks in a great many places. Whether there's somebody who took all the possible paths is, I think, a question that math alone will not solve. The universe doesn't need to split, because it has plenty of dimensions. But what about you - do you split?

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27 Sep 2007 @ 02:04 by Merlin Silk @ : I know something ...
... that is definitely slitting - allll the time"


they even called them that!

But seriously - I think to replace the slitting with just another dimension is a great insight.  

27 Sep 2007 @ 02:40 by bushman : Hmm,
I have the expiriance that there are alternate dimentions, whether they are parallel or not I dont know. But, I have seen that the so called Grey alien is from an alternate dimention co existing next to ours. I had started a 55gal drum on fire, to burn wood and paintings that I was not able to recycle for my boss, they had copper staples, nails, I tossed in an old sprinkler digital time clock, some pallet wood, a thick ceramic coffee mug, there was other assorted metals attached to wood. This fire was hot, as I had punched some angled holes in the bottom sides of the 55gal drum, so as the air would swirl. I also added to the windy side, a tapered cone to help force air into the can. Apperently the metals got so hot that they began to ioniz, causeing a plasma fire, and a super low but extreemly loud hum, and no smoke at all things started steaming all around me, it was so hot, I couldnt get within 30 feet of it, it was cavitating, and the sun could not shine thru the heat waves comming out the top, I could see the edges of the shadow cast by the 50ft tall pinpoint at the top invisable flame, these edges were moving very fast. Next thing I know there is this white light portal opening up strait across from me, and this Grey alien comes crawling out of it with what looked like some sort of startrek tricorder thing, the portal closes up with a popping sound, hes looking at it, then looks up at the fire and notices me looking right at him. Im all, hey! who are you, and he gets this look of fear on his face and takes off running , hops the fence like a cat, he could run very fast , and off into the woods he went. There are more details as to the sounds the portal made, but hard to explain, as well the portal had dark margins around it. It was so cool to get to see that guy, and basicly prooved to me that the Grey alien is not an alien like from space but some sort of inter dimentional being. You can put me to a lie detector , this really happened.  

27 Sep 2007 @ 13:03 by Aaron Simmons @ : Ockham's Razor
The "multiple split universes" idea completely defies "Ockham's Razor", which is often summarized as "the simplest explanation is usually the right one". Your example of the North-South/East-West is very useful in this regard. "Alternate Universes" is simply ridiculous. "Additional Dimensions", with properties similar to North, South, East and West is a far more likely explanation.

As it is, we don't fully understand the 4th dimention; time. It may have 3 diminsions in and of itself for all we know. Or gravity, which is also not fully understood. Perhaps it is a 5th dimension?

The point is, those are all things right here in our own universe. We don't need to look for answers in "alternate universes" until we understand our own universe better.  

27 Sep 2007 @ 18:21 by ming : Dimensions
Yeah, the idea that there's another version of me in an alternate dimension is a little strange. Similar to the famous time travel paradoxes, like if I go back in time and meet my grandfather and kill him, will I still be there? Or what if I meet myself? And I think we're getting into that mainly because we have a hard time visualizing more than 3 dimensions. They're not really paradoxes. If I'm in the living room, and I walk into the kitchen, and I walk back again, I'm not going to run into an alternate version of myself, who somehow stayed in the alternate reality of the living room. No matter what path I take to get from one room to the other, and despite that there are millions of possible paths. Even if I walk in and out of the living room really quickly, I'll only find out that the "alternate" version of me happen to just have walked out. Because it is the same me. I don't think it is necessarily much more mysterious than that. If I kill myself in the kitchen, will I still be in the living room? Uhm, no.

I think that all these things, when we finally get them, are somewhat less mysterious than we thought they were.  

27 Sep 2007 @ 18:23 by ming : Fire
Gee, Bushman, can't you just burn some old stuff like everybody else, without opening wormholes to other dimensions? ;-)  

27 Sep 2007 @ 21:40 by bushman : lol,
Ive tryed to recreat it a few times, but really I didnt open some worm hole, I just made a super hot plasma fire that probably could be seen by satilite in the infared zone, and maybe showed up as some sort of glowing object, in an alternate dimention where the Greys live. And they sent someone to investigate thru a dimentional tunnel, cause this Grey had to crawl thru it and was suported by it as if it was a solid tube. Matter of fact Im thinking that the heat was forming a small hot mushroom cloud shape, because even though there was some wind, the shadow that the high speed heat was casting, was not affected by the wind at all.  

28 Sep 2007 @ 16:51 by dk @ : Thought creates reality
In the so called "Seth" books (channeled material by Jane Roberts from the 60s & 70s), it is said that every thought of a probable scenario already creates one probable reality. This overtaxes our imagination since there must hence be gazillions of realities created in every second (the number of minds multplied with the number of thoughts; and then the same equation applied again in each possible alternate reality).

Which of these realities is actually played out would largely be based on our individual decisions and preferences.

"Actually played out", however, is a matter of perspective again: In another reality, another scenario would be "actually played out". There is also the idea that dreams, are as real as our "reality", and this very reality we are "awake" in, viewed from another perspective, is actually a dream -- and from there, may seem quite as absurd as many a "dream" seems to be, viewed from here. Quite an overwhelming prospect.

All that said, it would seem important to concentrate on whichever reality you deem most relevant for you and on whichever outcome you deem most desirable. Then, blissfully forget about the gazillions of parallel universes and go about your day job :-)  

1 Oct 2007 @ 13:41 by Lino @ : dimensions
I don't quite believe in this theory because, like Ming asks, why and when does the universe split. I do, however, often think about what would have happened or where would I be now if - at some occasion or other - I had walked down a different street, been somewhere 2 Minutes earlier/later, not asked some question, etc. etc. I actually find dozens of situations where some decision at the time seemed to be of less than minor importance actually has changed the cause of my life - more often in a positive direction than not, I think.
This again has taught me how important intuition can be - so if I have a strong intuitive feeling that I should go to this or that place or talk to someone or not go somewhere I listen to that feeling, even though there is often nothing rational to support this decision. Sometimes it becomes obvious that it was the right decision, sometimes it seems unimportant. However, I cannot know if the decicion I made protected me from some danger. I know one situation though, where it did. One evening, in the eighties a bomb went off in the street where I would normally be walking by at about that hour. That evening I suddenly had the idea I should go visit someone and had walked in a different direction.

That of course has nothing to do with the dimension theory, does it? Well, maybe something similar: Where does the information come from - the intuitive feeling that makes you do the right thing - where you rationally cannot know what to do?  

1 Oct 2007 @ 16:14 by peaceport : Another Universe
If there were not other universes (and I for one believe there are multiverses as described by "M theory") there soon will be one, and you can even visit and play in this universe as long as you have a Soule capable of existing within the physics of this new universe. This new universe exists in cyberspace, it has it's own physics/laws/programming, currency/energy/wealth, and it's own space/jurisdiction. The new universe located at www.freedigitaluniverse.com is being implemented as a Game to support charity, individuals, and test out a Information Age economic system which does not degrade the environment in order to crate wealth.

The Internet itself is like a multi-verse, each account we have can be considered a universe unto itself in amny cases. Not just virtual worlds like 2nd Life, World of Warcraft, or Gaia Online, can be considered alternate universes but also whole corporate structures like E-Bay (owning PayPal, SKYPE, and e-Bay auction) because they have their own sets of rules and regulations, and the "accounts" they give you are your mechanisms (like a Soul) for experiencing any particular information field (a universe) and interacting with it in a meaningful way.

Feel free to join us in a our virtual universe, currently only those organizations with a aggenda for helping others are invited to the place where the Game has already begun - www.peaceportal.mobi/home

Any NCN groups who'd like a Peace Portal Account (comes with potential for funding from the Peace Portal Humaniatarian Trust) please e-mail us here at our NCN contact or at minister@peaceportal.mobi and we will see if there is a fit.

Be Blessed Everyone, You Are....

9 Oct 2007 @ 19:53 by craiglang : Mathematics
Actually, the many-universes hypothesis is just one way of understanding quantum theory. Another interpretation is the hidden-variables view (in which there is really only one deterministic reality, affected by variables which present themselves as random). This was favored by David Bohm.

Yet another is the Copenhagen interpretation (popularized by Bohr), in which possibility collapses upon observation to form actuality. This is favored by a large number of quantum theorists, and has a fair amount of experimental support. It also ties quantum wave functions directly to consciousness, indicating that a conscious measurement of any kind collapses a wave function, causing a selection to be made.

My understanding is that in all of these, the mathematics is the same, but the way we understand that math is what is at issue. To put it another way, metaphors are a human understanding tool and the physics/math doesn't care whether we understand it or not... :-)  

31 Dec 2007 @ 05:01 by Rey @ : On Thought Creates Reality
I've been reading the Seth Books for quite some time and when I came across an article in Yahoo today mentioning about parallel universes, my interest got rekindled somehow and made a few searches and ended up in here; just to see how some people might want to share some thoughts about it. And lo! there indeed, is one post mentioning Seth! To those who are not familiar with the literature of Jane Roberts, they might find it worthwhile to drop by the website: http://www.sethlearningcenter.org/ and read a few lines or better yet, buy the books Seth Material and Seth Speaks, for a starter. Don't get me wrong - I'm not making a sales pitch here for I'm not, in any way, connected with this website. I'm just another Seth fan so to speak, and I won't be surprised if some of those who would 'experience' (my term to describe it after reading the first two books) the words from Seth, that they'd be fans too! In a nutshell, as we follow through the topic regarding parallel universes, and as Seth would have discussed it himself, the creation of universes isn't simply an incidental/accidental splitting of the fiber of space and time but a conscious, deliberate creation, or seeding, if you might accept it, of another universe! An idea, or a thought is enough to seed a universe. This way, each one may be able to experience any event A and follow it through to an infinity of consequences. To truly experience event A, it is not enough just to see through it in varying degrees and intensities, but to travel through it in all of its ramifications and probabilities; thus infinite, thus 'a gazillions universe' is just another speck of dust. Do we create exact replicas of the current universe we are aware of? Maybe yes, maybe no? What's important is that we are freeing possibilities in every idea or thought that springs from every action, and they are meterialized in physical form, over which we react and seed more universes as new ideas diverge. Would this mean that we create our own universe? That's what Seth says. Interesting? Well, don't expect me to read his books for you? Incidentally, Seth didn't (physically) write his books, Jane Roberts did it for him. Though the entire set of words were all from him. Seth says that if we only understand that when we speak of the universe there should be no reference to space and time for both are just tools that we use in order to effectively manipulate the physical world. He said, in reality, both are illusions and the theories and calculations we, and all our contemporary brilliant thinkers make would prove inadequate as we are only using a shadow of true mathematics and are often limited by our focus on the physical reality.  

26 Jan 2008 @ 11:12 by Roan Carratu @ : Uh-Huh... sure, that's the ticket...
Have you ever considered the possibility that all the strangeness of math and the strange results of it come from the basic geometry it originates from? For instance, everyone assumes that there are three dimensions, but just sitting where you are, right now, you can perceive a number of other dimensions beyond those three.

For instance, what about... ta-tah! Size! Larger and smaller are different, changes occur when you make something smaller or larger... Can you express what those changes are? There's a lot of them but one you might be able to relate to is the volume to the surface. As something gets smaller, it's volume to surface ratio changes, less volume means more surface. That's why steel dust is explosive! Even glass dust is explosive when ground small enough.

OK... How about another dimension... ta-dah... inside/outside-ness. Everything has an inside and an outside, and since there are no planes outside imagination, (nor points or any of that jive), everything curves, and everything has an inside and outside. And that dimension has characteristics like concavity/convexity... which have effects on everything around it, like diffusion and focus...

If the most basic assumed characteristics of a complete self-consistent concept structure, like math, for instance, is faulty, in that it does not reflect experimentally discovered reality, then the math goes through change after change as new discovery is made which puts in doubt the previous conclusions.

In fact, it's one of the characteristics of a faulty concept structure that it has to be constantly altered to fit experimental discovery, rather than predicting experimental findings before the experiment is attempted.

The man who first realized through the work and thought of previous people, of course) that Universe had it's own coherent and easily experimentally proven, geometry used it to predict the structure of molecules and atoms. Years later, Linus Pauling sent the first X-ray refraction photos of molecules to this man because his predictions were exactly right. In fact, not a single molecular structure has ever been found that is not predicted by this experiment based geometry.

But because he is not a product of the academic subculture, he gets no credit for his discoveries, nor is his geometry taught in universities. Scientists have to use dark age math to explain the modern Universe and are woefully lost most of the time. It's no wonder they are lost in the complexities of speculation... They think in terms of a flat earth!

(How many angels fit on the head of a pin? How many Universes come from a human thought?)

The man I speak of, of course, is R. Buckminster Fuller and Synergetics. Google him.  

4 Apr 2008 @ 20:38 by Carol Dagg Sterritt @ : Parallel Universes
As someone who has imbibed an occasional universe alternating substance, I am always intrigued by these discussions. When the reality is altered, sometimes one can clearly see the weft and the woof. The loom of time and space functions at a speed that is either faster or slower than what we normally can perceive.  

16 Apr 2008 @ 16:18 by cheshire cat @ : parallel universes.
I have had these spells since I was 16 I'm 54 now that in the past have scared the bgebbers out of me. BUT now I believe they are just glimpses into the different universes and dimentions that I have access to. When they occur its like my mind kalidescopes and I use to feel like I was loosing my mind. It would also feel at times like I never have existed and never would NOW I believe it's saying I alwaYs have existed and I alwaYs will. Have to go More thought later.  

27 Oct 2011 @ 04:34 by Cosmic boy @ : paralleluniverses
This is a really cool concept.But I think that there is something fishy in this concept..if parallel universes are real,then I think this will prove as the biggest theory/principle/invention ever!!!  

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