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 Illusion2008-02-22 11:07
by Flemming Funch

If I told you that the blue tiles on the top of the cube to the left is the same color as the yellow tiles on top of the cube to the right, how much would you be willing to bet that I was wrong?

If you have an eyedropper plugin in your browser, or as a tool on your computer, you can check it out. They're exactly the same color. You brain is fooling you.

Here's another one:

The brown tile in the center of the top face, and the yellow tile in center of the side facing front left, what do you say? They're exactly the same color.

(Via BoingBoing

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22 Feb 2008 @ 11:39 by Merlin Silk @ : I'll prove it
I ran into one of those recently and just had to check it out myself. I had seen some of them before, but just 'believed' that it was true. But this time I took the graphic into photoshop and demonstrated - - - now I can sleep better...

Out of the closet

Speaking of sleeping - why am I still up, writing comments on blogs, huh?  

22 Feb 2008 @ 13:52 by Lionel @ : Gestalt theory's...
not dead.  

22 Feb 2008 @ 14:49 by ming : Colors
Now, I must admit that it complicates the matter that these jpg images don't have uniform colors. So, actually, when I now do the eyedropper test proposed, it isn't entirely clearcut, as each of those tiles are a bit of a mix of colors. So your test, Merlin, is probably more appropriate. I.e. cutting out a square and placing it next to other color in question.  

22 Feb 2008 @ 16:31 by jmarc : I miss my eye dropper
But I don't doubt.
Who am I going to believe, you, or my lyin" eyes?
You, this time.
Suspending beliefs and understanding that there are different perspectives is important, if we want truth to prevail.
So science has as much value as...  

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