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 Creativity Spaces2001-08-16 13:34
by Flemming Funch

I was talking with Bruce Baumrucker on the phone amongst other things about creating online spaces that foster creativity or that stimulate creative problem solving. There's a lot of neat things one can do that tends to activate creativity and takes one out of one's old habits and patterns of thinking. For example, the old technique of looking up a couple of random words in the dictionary and pretending that they have a relation to your problem and seeing where that will take you. Quite often one will develop some ideas that are totally unexpected, but useful. Bruce was mentioning that Roget's Thesaurus has numeric codes that can also be used for taking you into different directions, by exploring what else exists in the same code as what you started with. Many more things one can do, of course. In general this is what is called lateral thinking. Instead of just pressing on, trying to solve your problem linearly, it is often more useful to step to the side in a new direction and see what one finds. At any rate, one of my plans is to make online "creativity rooms" that provide tools for that kind of thing.

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21 Sep 2001 @ 07:08 by sharie : Creativity Rooms
Thank you for all you do to help people make a better world... you're also helping us to make ourselves into better people. Over the years I've given myself infinite freedom to express my true self; in retrospect a lot of my creativity was spent breaking through the illusion imposed us all. Now here we are, knowing we can create any world we want, and the question is, "what world do we want?" I want a world that encourages me to feel and share my love more, I need to be encouraged to receive love from others more, I want to be supported in feeling the beauty of the peace within me, and the multi-faceted brilliance of the truth within me, and the radiance and glory of life that we all are. This is the world I want. I want to live in heaven. I believe that heaven is within us all, because all the love and truth and peace of the world is within everyone. So we are all heaven... on Earth. We are all *everything* the world has ever wanted. So I want a world that communicates this to babies and children and adults: "You are the most valuable treasure. And so is everyone else. Your work, the products you make, the labor, ideas, services you provide... none of that can compare with the value of you." To me, this means attributing value to work and labor while not attributing value to their life and their being (as is done in the mainstream culture) can be corrected. Communicating this to everyone throughout their entire life, and in every aspect of life, will result in a world of the most magnificent technologies, architecture, social life, and joy for everyone. Yes, I know it's an "ideal" world... but we can create anything we want. And this is what I want. I'm looking for people who want this world too, because I know we can make it. (more to come)  

2 Nov 2015 @ 00:22 by Elvis @ : Jerry and Tom on the road
I thnik it's a very good thing  

28 Apr 2016 @ 21:28 by Julz @ : gKTddBZWlXSVBlQ
I am reluctant to drag this discussion back to democracy vs Islam, but I have been wondering: what percent of a population has to support bin Laden's Islamic fascism in order for chaos to ensue? If 1% of the Turks support Islamic fascism, is that a recipe for disaster for the EU? 5%? 10%? In Britain, 15% of their Muslim population supports the 7/7 bombers; is there a "golden" ratio of support for Islamic fascism (Muslim Brotherhood, bin Laden, et al) below which a Muslim Democracy can survive? Is this the key metric we need to dicosver?Just askin', is all...  

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