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Why am I complaining?

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 Why am I complaining?2001-08-27 22:15
by Flemming Funch

It is funny how different environments inspire different kinds of communication. Like, here in this news log thing, it seems like I'm most inclined to write about day-to-day annoyances I have, rather than deep philosophical visions about new civilizations. Well, maybe because I need an outlet for complaining about things, maybe because I feel less of an obligation here to write something inspiring. Or maybe one just goes through different phases. In those periods where I keep a personal journal (on paper) it also changes quite a bit what I put in it. Sometimes my dreams when I wake up; sometimes philophical ideas, or realizations about how something works; sometimes personal longings I'd have trouble sharing in other formats.

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22 Oct 2001 @ 15:30 by sindy : Dreams
Dreams do happen when you believe and make the effort
by express to the one you love most or maybe letting your feelings
go, telling how you are and what is your passion
the human mind is like that its tender.... But that sweet voice
and that dream keeps one moving, learning and growing to a brighter you ((smile)) you know you are alive*  

6 Nov 2001 @ 05:40 by amrani : complaining
Flemming, who goes through life without a single complaint or hardship? That's life. For people who say they don't have any problems, challenges, or complaints, I say, "Good luck in your denial." It's when the complaints or "negative" stuff becomes overpowering to where we can't see anything positive that we begin to drag ourselves down. I think we can help ourselves balance that out if we air out our feelings while also including something for which we are grateful in our lives. How 'bout this? One side of your journal for airing out complaints and the other side for gratitude? ;-)  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:59 by Cassandra @ : KSCjlKQvtKIHYfLNhPl
Thank you for everything Jack. All of your knowledge, dedication, and love for fishing will be missed. I thought for sure I would get to meet you some day. Sorry I wa8;1#s2&7nt able to in this life. Cheers to a great man!Frank  

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