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 Links in your news log2001-12-02 16:30
by Flemming Funch

For those of you who have your own news log here, I'm adding some possibly more convenient way of doing links. As it has you been, a URL you typed in would become highlighted and clickable. But some URLs are ugly, and you would probably rather want to have a piece of descriptive text be clickable. You could do that if you know HTML, but here is a slightly more user-friendly way. Let's say I want to link to the URL [link] and I want it to have the text "Common Dreams" be what is clickable. I can type it in this special way: Common Dreams and it will show up like this: Common Dreams I.e. it is a clickable link, with a readable text, and it will also open up in a new window, so one doesn't lose one's place in your news log.

So, you put curly brackets { } around this socalled "macro" and you start with link: immediately followe by the URL, including the http:// part. Then a vertical line, and then the text you want to appear. don't put any spaces in there, other than possibly in the text for the link.

I will make more of these macros for other purposes. The only other one that works right now is a link to an NCN member. If you know the username, and maybe real name, of another member, and you are talking about them, and would like to include a link to their profile, it would look something like this:

Flemming Funch

and it would show like this: Flemming Funch

Or, if you didn't want to use their actual name, you could do it with just their username, like this: ming, which would show like this: ming.

The advantage of using this approach is also that if your news log is publically available, anybody looking at it from outside the member area will not get an invalid link. The link will be left out altogether if one isn't logged in as a member, and it would only show the person's username or name.

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2 Dec 2001 @ 17:32 by istvan : Links
Thank's now maybe even I can do it.

Does this also work in chatrooms?  

2 Dec 2001 @ 23:01 by ming : Links
Not yet, but I'll add the same capability in the chat rooms shortly.  

4 Dec 2001 @ 19:06 by peazritr : publicly available newslog
ming, how do i do this?  

5 Dec 2001 @ 03:29 by ashanti : Thanks!
Yep, thanks, it works a treat! Kim  

7 Dec 2001 @ 15:14 by ming : publicly available newslog
peazritr, your newslog is already public.  

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