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 Leadership2001-12-11 23:38
pictureby Flemming Funch

I sometimes get a kick out of the experience of reading things I myself have written a long time ago. I usually can't quite appreciate my own writing, unless I somehow run into it accidentally later on, and I can sort of read it as somebody else might. And sometimes even learn something. Anyway, I was just reading the news that the google search engine now has archived the last 20 years of UseNet postings. Which is bound to include many stupid discussions I've had with people over time, so I went to check. And, indeed, there are things there that I wouldn't particularly want to be known for today, but also good things I might have said. Rather randomly, below is a piece about leadership, which I wrote in an answer to somebody else's question back in 1996.

"I guess leadership is a rather paradoxical thing. If one tries deliberately
to lead, one easily falls into doing it through some kind of deception, by
fluffing oneself up to look bigger than one is, by getting others to give
away some of their own power so that they will have a need to follow you,
by keeping a few essential secrets for yourself. If one doesn't try
deliberately to lead, one might not get anybody's attention, and one's
unique contributions and skills might not be applied or utilized worth much.

I suppose part of the answer is in simply doing what one is doing, acting
on one's calling.

The question is whether we really need leaders in any other sense than
people who live their lives fully, act on their inspiration, and speak
their truths. If such a leader leaves a positive impression on others, and
they are then inspired to act in concert, according to their own
inspiration, what better can we do? Even if a leader might be able to
organize large groups of people into carrying out his wishes, or copying
his approaches, that might not be altogether the greatest good.

I'd say a true leader is somebody who inspires and allows others to be
leaders too, each in their own unique way.

Examples? How about the Dalai Lama? He doesn't hand out orders or tell a
lot of people what to do, but he very unassumingly speaks his truth and
acts as an example."

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12 Dec 2001 @ 05:19 by kay : More food for thought.
I think of you as a leader. A pace setter. Real food for thought does not give indigestion. You know like force feeding. Your food for thought is something that I can mull over, ponder upon and reflect. These are qualities that I appreciate in a leader. As I was reading I was thing of something a friend told me about GURUs. Some like to have people gather around. They set forth their own agenda and people follow. Then there is another type of GURU who seems to say:
Gee! U R U and please don't forget it. These GURUs encourage people to become their fullest potentials. It would be great if all leaders could inspire those that follow to step forth and be all that they can be. Shared respoonsibility for the greatest good of the collective whole. Is that too big of a dream?  

13 Dec 2001 @ 05:39 by istvan : Coordinators
I think of the leaders of Newciv as Coordinators of those parts of the whole picture, within which they feel inspired to gather enough expertise, to be able to provide guideance.
Somewhat like a good nature trail guide who has been there and knows the territory or is able to warn of possible dangers exploring the unknown.  

16 Dec 2001 @ 19:48 by maxtobin : leaders
Does the leader not choose to serve the conscious/unconcious needs of the collective. Not as it is BUT as it will be, when we do celebrate our ONENESS through being ALL THAT WHICH WE ARE. There are many styles of leadership, in the evolution of freedom and sovreignty there are many deceptions. I feel the NEWCIV group is penetrating the shadow of self to reveal the expressed ONENESS. Easy way is to meditate and find/be the flow, then we will be beyond the present constraints of space time and will embrace the wisdom of stone and the wisdom of silicon in the moment. We are already there/here! The process is one of grand remembering, returning to the peace and wisdom of a civilization where the paradox of polarity (egocentric vs collective unity) is resolved. True democracy has yet to be tried on this planet (within current accepted historic time). The path is an interesting one, we must all learn to be free of agenda and cooperativly seek consensous, it is I believe through consensous that we will find how it is to be in a true democracy. Is this grand struggle for light in collective not a wonderful dance capable of creating immense joy.  

21 Jan 2002 @ 02:56 by shawa : Leadership.
Yeah. Right On. We┬┤ll make it. (Whatever "it" is for each of us).

Love from spain,
The Lady Moonshadow,of Avalon of the Heart.  

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