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 Toys2002-11-07 23:32
pictureby Flemming Funch

I love my most recent digital camera. The first I had was an Olympus which used up the non-rechargable batteries as fast as you could fill up its 20 picture memory. The second one, Sony DSC-30 is still great. Lots of room with memory sticks, and the rechargable batteries last several hours. But it is too big to just put in your pocket, unless you're specifically going out to take pictures. So that's the point of the latest one. This is a Casio Exilim EX-M2. It is the size of a credit card, but thicker, and it is stainless steel, so you can just about put it in your back pocket and forget about it. And also, it does what none of the other cameras did - it takes the picture almost instantly. Most digital cameras take so long to take the picture that the people you were pointing at have moved on. Oh, and it records short videos too, and audio at any length, and it plays MP3 files. A big reason I got this camera was that Ray Ozzie recommended it in his blog. A recommendation from somebody you trust is worth much more than any ad.

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8 Nov 2002 @ 08:24 by spiritseek : First Camera
Now theres a camera. My first camera came from sending in a box top with $5 to Kelloggs. I must of been at least 10, boy did I loved to run to the mail box every day..."not here again". Then one day probably 6 to 10 weeks later... there it was! Opened the box with slowww...ok I ripped the box open to find a small very plastic square camera. Guess what? it worked, but back then film was too high a price to pay let alone having it developed for a poor kid like me. Well, I kept that camera for several years until one christmas my ex bought me a Polaroid. Wow! Just what HE always wanted, so guess who had it most of the time? Well, there goes some more childhood memories.  

8 Nov 2002 @ 15:38 by ming : My first camera
was also this little plastic thing for kids. I think it was 10Kr in Denmark, which is about $2. I think I shot just one black and white roll, which came out fine, but yeah, film was expensive. ... And now, my 3 year old daughter, she's born in the digital age. She thinks of all cameras as something you just click away at, and then you see it on the computer. She calls what the mailman brings "e-mail" because she understood e-mail before she understood letters. Times are changing.  

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