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 Petitions2002-11-13 23:36
pictureby Flemming Funch

There is power in numbers. A few thousand people who sign a petition can sometimes accomplish a lot. And nowadays with the Internet it is easier than ever to express an opinion, and maybe persuade change to happen. See for example The Petition Site, and see a list of successes. Also Petitions.org, PetitionOnline, WebPetitions and more.

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15 Nov 2002 @ 04:40 by neolux : petitions online
i went to the second link, petitions online, and signed the petition to stop wombat abuse now. it appears that wombats are used as sex slaves in afghanistan. Who knew? Anyway, i found that i could sign this petition as many times as i liked as long as i provided a different e-mail adress each time. So, my question is, how can these petitions be taken seriously,or legally, for that matter(where petition signatures are required for ballot initiatives, etc.) if they can be rigged like online polls?  

15 Nov 2002 @ 05:46 by ming : Petitions
I was reading a critique linked from petitions.org that said similar things. That it is hard to take them seriously when some of the subjects are so silly, and when there isn't much verification of anything. I guess the more serious petitions might still be effective, as it still allows somebody to show up somewhere with a bunch of names. Now I'd be much more happy if it was real direct democracy, and there were ways of ensuring valid results.  

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