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War is profitable

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 War is profitable2002-11-14 23:59
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pictureby Flemming Funch

Lisa Rein points out that U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney apparently pocketed several million dollars last year in compensation from defense related companies he's had an interest in, and there will be more this year, based on a little accounting trick of 'deferred' compensation. One of the companies in question built a certain well-known prison facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for one thing.

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1 comment

15 Nov 2002 @ 13:53 by sharie : Parasite Extroidinaire
That's disgusting.

Blunt and to the point, thanks for the post, Ming.


I went through and read her article. Here is the atrocious summary:

Cheney sold his Haliburton shares for millions. Immediately the company's stock bottomed out. Cheney is Vice President of the U.S. Then Haliburton's sub-company KBR receives $33 million in government contracts for the Guantanamo Bay Prison.

This is all on the up and up?

While Cheney was Haliburton's CEO, he got $1.5 Billion in government loans and guarantees!

Cheney began his White House career in 1969.

A friend showed me Barbra Streisand's IRS return online. She'd invested in Haliburton and had a tax-deferment for her profits!

Is Haliburton arranged so investors get a tax-deferment from the federal government? And Haliburton has Billions in public funds!

Read Lisa's article everybody.  

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