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Monopoly Money

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 Monopoly Money2002-11-18 17:17
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The Register writes about a recent SEC filing which shows that Microsoft is losing money in every business area except Windows (86% profit) and Office (79% profit). Also see Financial Times. As Slashdot points out: The full version of Windows XP costs about $300.00. Microsoft could sell it for $45 and still make a profit. The difference between the $45 price and the $300 price is what economists call "monopoly rents". So, let me spell it out one more time: Microsoft has a de facto monopoly in two areas, where they harvest huge profits. They use those profits to try to run competitors out of business in many, many other areas, by deliberately selling products at a loss.

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19 Nov 2002 @ 13:46 by sharie : running competitors out of business
After reading Rishi's newslog about the perks of the GE exec...
and having personally witnessed it myself...

and then personally experiencing Bill Gates' generosity, I prefer that he reap all the fortune, rather than those who spend all their profits on self-glorification.

Given all the evils of the world, I don't think Bill Gates is in that same ballpark with so many of the others.

Thanks for the info though Ming, I hear ya, but at least Gates is doing some good. I don't see many other corporate money-grubbers doing nearly as much good as Gates does.  

19 Nov 2002 @ 16:20 by ming : Gates
I think Bill Gates is doing a hell of a lot of good with his money, privately, and he is quite humble about being the richest guy in the world. And he does seem like a nice guy, all by himself. It is just his company that's a bit of a problem. I don't know if it represents his repressed dark side, or if it is Steve Balmer, who isn't particularly a nice guy, who has shaped it in his own picture.  

20 Nov 2002 @ 16:55 by sharie : the dark side
I heard that as a young guy Bill was cocky, pushy, and self-absorbed. He may not see it as a dark side, he might just think he'll do better things with the profits than anyone else, and so he'd rather keep the money to himself, even if it means doing some *dark* maneuverings, crushing other businessmen, in the process. I'm pretty sure Gates knows what his company is doing.

I'd like to see him write the computer programs that count ballot box votes. I hear that's a dirty business... http://www.talion.com/voting-machines.html  

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