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 Public Autopsy2002-11-21 17:09
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Public autopsy held in London. The controversial German doctor Gunther von Hagens, who previously caught some criticism for his anatomical exhibition Body Worlds, carried out the first public autopsy in many years, despite threats that he would be arrested. I applaud what he's trying to accomplish. I think it is very useful to show people how the human body works, in a dynamic and educational manner, and to get over our revulsion. Incidentally, I attended a couple of autopsies once. It was very educational, but didn't exactly strengthen my respect for modern medicine. I had imagined it to be a very precise science, sort of like clockwork repair. But it reminded me a whole lot more of a butchershop. I'll spare you the details here.

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16 May 2004 @ 09:26 by Tiffany @ : MY BABY

25 Aug 2004 @ 01:54 by cesar juarez @ : autopsy
well i an 16 years old and im intrested in being a person that does the autopsy i m not sure if this is the place to write my opinion i will want to know more about this subject and if is not the right place im so but so sorry  

3 Sep 2004 @ 13:23 by ming : Autopsies
I don't know how it generally works. But it I go by what I observed at an autopsy, it is doctors or medical students who do the actual autopsy. I.e. looking at the body parts and finding out something about cause of death, etc. But it might be another type of medical workers, who aren't doctors, who do the preparatory work. I.e. they cut up the body and take out the parts. They just need to know how to cut in the right places, and don't need to understand everything about bodies.

Your best bet is to work on becoming a medical doctor. They mostly work with live people, of course, but doing autopsies is part of the education.  

23 Nov 2004 @ 13:56 by Summer Wilson @ : This is great!!!!
Well i just want to say I think I watched the autopsy you are talking about. I really enjoyed it. I love anatomy and I've relized that i really what to do this. well I hope that more of these public Autopsies will be done nad i can attend one.  

4 Apr 2005 @ 17:07 by cornelious Davis @ : forensic pathologist
I'm 16 and i am interested in becoming a forensic pathologist. I think it's something I will be fascinated doing and learning new things about the body. I know there will be cases that are not as sceneful as others but I'm willing to take that risk. You know money isnt everything it's all about the fact of doing something, at this point you think you might like. Right now I do think I will enjoy being a Forensic pathologist.  

9 Aug 2007 @ 18:34 by ivonne @ : kool
its kool!!!!!!  

9 Aug 2007 @ 18:42 by lupe @ : i like it
well ever since i was i little girl i would walk down the street looking for dead animals i would get a stick and poke them. right now im a MA and i think imma go for forensic science...the medical field is the best...one step at a time thats all it takes....  

29 Jan 2008 @ 18:45 by Nancy Moreno @ : Intresting
well now that i see this i wouldlike to study for autopsy it looks like an intresting job to do...... Im a MA now next step will be to study for autopsy!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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