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 Back Up Your Life2002-11-21 17:09
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MyLifeBits is a project where engineers are trying to develop a way of storing all of your life in a database. Well, it sounds like a piece of vaporware, and they're mainly talking about just storing all your photos, all your videos and all your letters in one place. What I'd really like is *everything*, automatically recorded and neatly indexed and searchable. Of course there are few searches I'd rather not do, like "my most embarrassing moments", but there's a lot of useful stuff I'd like to remember more effortlessly without having to go around thinking about it. Anyway, curiously, the idea of storing your life in an infinite digital storage place, and the idea of hypertext, was proposed in the 40s by Vannevar Bush, George W's grandfather, who was a visionary electrical engineer who ended up running a lot of America's black projects at the time, first being part of the atomic bomb project, and later being a member of Majestic12.

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21 Nov 2002 @ 17:50 by spiritseek : Sounds
like something the government would love to get their hands on.  

22 Nov 2002 @ 12:30 by sharie : valuable info
I'd like to hear about your life's most embarrasing moments, Ming.  

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