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Corporate interests try to kill public domain

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 Corporate interests try to kill public domain2002-11-22 04:48
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by Flemming Funch

Washington Post: Free Web Research Link Closed Under Pressure From Pay Sites. The Energy Department has shut down a popular Internet site that catalogued government and academic science research, in response to corporate complaints that it competed with similar commercial services.. Dan Gillmor says, and I agree, "The correct word for what has happened here is 'theft' -- because the government has allowed private interests to steal from the public domain. The claim that this was done to save money -- a paltry $200,000 a year -- doesn't even begin to pass the smell test. This was an arrangement on behalf of corporate interests, and an absolute thumb in the eye to the public. It's as if the book publishers persuaded communities to shutter public libraries..."

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1 comment

22 Nov 2002 @ 12:05 by sharie : public access
We'll be seeing more and more of this... more and more of less and less access to info. I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to shut down libraries. I wouldn't be surprised if they shut down the internet.

I remember emailing you a couple years ago Ming about how the monstrosities they planned for us... it's getting closer...


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