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Covert Iraq oil business

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 Covert Iraq oil business2002-11-24 15:53
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by Flemming Funch

Excellent article with many references, by Larry Chin, Online Journal. The U.S. imported 290 million barrels of crude oil from Iraq in 2001, at below market rates, because of U.N. sanctions. The US was "the main market for Iraqi crude" according to the Middle East Economic Survey. It seems a lot like the threatened war is simply an attempt to eliminate Russia, France and China from the competition from the oil there, and to put the U.S. oil companies in complete control of the resources.

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1 comment

27 Nov 2002 @ 17:28 by sharie : oil
I agree. The focus on Iraq is to keep China out of it. Iraq has 20% of the world's oil. If China gets exclusive access to it, they could be a major contender. If Bush has access to Iraq's oil, and is backed by Europe and Russia (his buddy Putin), then the American dictator takes control of the U.N., which he already has, and his one world order project is on track.

It's all about the one world order, owning the oil, food supplies, seed supplies ... it's all about ruling the world.

They could wake up to peace and love any minute now.  

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