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 From Weblog to Moblog2002-11-24 23:18
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by Flemming Funch

Justin Hall has an excellent article about what might happen when weblogs go mobile. Potentially we might bring more of our lives into the story. Just about all cellphones can do text messages now, and the new generation have built-in cameras and can send and receive multi-media messages.
A weblog is a record of travels on the Web, so a mobile phone log ('moblog'?) should be a record of travels in the world. Weblogs reflect our lives at our desks, on our computers, referencing mostly other flat pages, links between blocks of text. But mobile blogs should be far richer, fueled by multimedia, more intimate data and far-flung friends. As we chatter and text away, our phones could record and share the parts we choose: a walking, talking, texting, seeing record of our time around town, corrected and augmented by other mobloggers.

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1 comment

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