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Progress in quantum computing

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 Progress in quantum computing2002-11-29 17:05
by Flemming Funch

New Scientist reports some progress in quantum computing. In short, as opposed to normal computers that use bits that can be either on or off, quantum computing uses 'qubits' that can be in several states at once. That opens the door to the rather magical possibility of finding all solutions to a given problem at the same time. Practical applications appear to be far off. The current progress concerned the ability to keep one atom away from interferance, while still being able to read what state it is in.

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29 Nov 2002 @ 21:11 by craiglang : Are We Quantum Computers?
Hi Ming,

There are some very interesting biological correlates of the quantum computing paradigm. One of the most interesting, at least to me, is the microtubule model - or quantum neurology. This posits that the cytoskeleton of all cells, but principally neurons, is the core of the quantum computer of the mind. The microtubule is made up of a brickwork of protiens called tubulins, which exhibit quantum behavior. The wave functions of each tubulin interact with eachother, as they do with the zero-point field - which is one idea of how the nonlocal aspects of the mind can exist.

Check out the University of Arizona Consciousness Studies Dept. at the site:
and look at Stuart Hameroff's writings. I think you will find this fascinating.


30 Nov 2002 @ 00:44 by ming : Quantum Brains
That is very cool. I do sort of have a sense that our brains are doing something like that. I mean, the fact that we can remember pretty much any amount of stuff about our lives, and remember it again, even when we forget it - that does certainly indicate to me that it is something quite different from a bunch of bits in a ROM memory.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 00:48 by Demelza @ : mFmUPnbNhQ
It's good to get a fresh way of loknoig at it.  

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