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 239 MPG2002-12-02 02:56
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Slashdot reports: "VW/Audi has a history of being a leader in creating super fuel efficient vehicles. They currently sell the most fuel efficient car in the world, 3L Lupo and the Audi A2, and the most fuel efficient station wagon (Jetta TDI Wagon). Now VW is experimenting with something along the lines of the Honda Insight ( a 2 person vehicle ). The 1L VW concept car can achieve .89L/100kms or 239MPG. With Biodiesel and Ultra low sulfur diesel becoming available, hopefully more of these vehicles will come to North America. These fuels are already available in Europe and combined with the new catalyst technology they use, these new engines produce very low emissions."

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1 comment

29 Jun 2005 @ 00:16 by Jean Cossey @ : 1L VW Concept Car
I am interested in the Il VW Concept Car. Please sent me the price of the car and when it will be for sale in America.
Thank you,

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