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Solar Cell Breakthrough

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 Solar Cell Breakthrough2002-12-09 17:04
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ScienceaGoGo reports on a discovery in materials for solar cells. It is sort of technical, but in brief the discovery is that an alloy of indium gallium nitride can convert pretty much the full spectrum of our sunlight, from the near infrared to the far ultraviolet, into electrical current. If they succeed in making practical solar cells of the material, they promise to be rugged, inexpensive, and more efficient than anything seen before.

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9 Dec 2002 @ 17:40 by istvan : Good news
One of the best i have heard lately.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:40 by Karson @ : nTorMAVHxkmRkalXU
Finding this post has anewsred my prayers  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:11 by Geralynn @ : rIoKCONEdQbaA
Hola Toni, a anat de conya, curt però intens i amb la intervenció d’en Tomàs de Mossegalapoma, he acabat d&nd712;e#ten8re la idea del podcasting. Si algún dia d’aquest em decideixo a fer un, ja t’ho faré saber, gràcies i salutacions desde Granollers!  

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