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Search Google before you commit suicide

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 Search Google before you commit suicide2002-12-10 16:47
by Flemming Funch

From Cory Doctorow: More from Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, speaking at Supernova:
"People who are thinking about committing suicide search Google for 'suicide.' Depending on what they find, they may or may not kill themselves. There are businesses that depend on the kind of results that searchers get from Google, but that's very secondary compared to searches like 'suicide.'"
What they would get is this. Which is good. But is that because these were automatically selected as the most authoritative references on suicide, or did Google cheat a little and manually select these as the best to show? What would happen if the top page happened to be a collection of grisly pictures of people who killed themselves in spectacular ways?

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11 Dec 2002 @ 16:13 by fleer : Google uses ODP entries
to help categorize sites and rank them after that. Open Directory Project is made up of volunteers that review each site in the category and rate them.
A site in the ODP gets a higher ranking than a non ODP site.

If you search something they have a topic for the rated sites appear first. If you search for something not categorised Google uses an algorithmen along with their page rank system to display sites that match your search the best. Urls have a certain weight but titles on the webpage count as well. The meta tag description also weighs in. But if you use a keyword too often you could get lower rankings or even removed forever.
Other search engines uses different kind of algorithmens and that´s why you get different search results from different search engines. All in all, from a webmasters point of view. It´s a science and a kind of guessing game. The algorithems are not made public. It is also called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  

3 Dec 2006 @ 03:08 by mary jane @ : how to commit suicide
home work  

3 Feb 2008 @ 20:31 by danielle glascoe @ : how to commit suicide
if you commit suicide you do not go to heaven you go to hell cause the bible says "i put you on this earth im goin to be the one to take you off of it and if i dont your goin to hell  

21 Nov 2008 @ 18:26 by darkangel @ : whos going to Hell?
My brother committed suicide, and so you are saying he is going to Hell?? In the name of God, of course.You people sicken me. Who the Hell do you think you are . My brother is not in Hell, but you may be heading there.  

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