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Who's the biggest threat to world peace

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 Who's the biggest threat to world peace2003-01-12 23:14
by Flemming Funch

TimeEurope has a poll that asks readers which country poses the biggest danger to world peace in 2003 - North Korea, Iraq or The United States. That is not a hard question, and the voters are pretty clear on what they think. After I and 73,000 other people voted, the standing was 10.4% for North Korea, 16.6% for Iraq, and 73% for The United States. For most Americans, that's probably a shocking result, or it gets dismissed as bogus, but that is probably because of the scarcity of balanced world news within the United States.

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23 Sep 2003 @ 19:27 by Dennis da Vinche @ : who's the biggest threat in the world
You know the biggest threat in the world is on the Philippines only coz they have lots of threat that they make and one of that was the abduction you know, coz abduction is very rare here in the Philipines specially in the Bacolod coz the abductions start at the Bacolod. In every evening the abduction will start to get the beautiful,flawless, sexy, and teenager of course.
Abduction is a practice that by getting the girl or a woman in the evening at the time of 8:00 till midnight evenin the 5:o'clock in the afternoon they make it or we the do it by the time that their is a lady that waned to abduct even if the son was still there you know.
So that is the biggest threat in the world and until now they practice it and they make it well dont you think. thank you for letting comment in this kind of subject you know I'm so happy to show my experience her in Bacolod coz I experience that they call abduction.  

24 Sep 2003 @ 03:10 by repsyche : USA and middle east policies
I read that Israel has many nuclear weapons. Iran may have or is on path to build some, and US are making threatening noises. Pakistan and India have some each. Israeli leaders are on record as saying that they wouldn't hesitate to bring everything down with them if so attacked(could be bluff/deterrence). This complicated dynamic seems to me to pose the greatest threat to world peace.
Oh and how will US respond to the obvious threat of China becoming most powerful country at some stage in future?  

21 Apr 2016 @ 11:51 by Rose @ : mQjFipOIvmleWEOx
That's a sharp way of thinikng about it.  

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