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Brain surgery robot runs Linux

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 Brain surgery robot runs Linux2003-01-16 18:10
by Flemming Funch

Some engineers and surgeons in Singapore have developed a robot that can do brain surgery. Well, specifically it would be able to drill through the bone of the skull faster and more precisely than humans are able to. It runs on the Linux platform, which is no surprise. But now, I think that anybody who works for Microsoft should be forced to have their brain surgery done by a program running on Windows. That would be cruel, but very fair. Gives a new meaning to the Blue Screen of Death.

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17 Jan 2003 @ 00:09 by strydg : what does it say
about surgery and surgeons if robots do it better?  

18 Jan 2003 @ 13:06 by sharie : What's it say?
It says, "pay the computer programmers a hundred thousand a year instead of paying the surgeon a million a year," that's what it says. It says, "we get lower insurance premiums, and more health care for the misfortunate, that's what it says." It says other things, but this is the first that come to mind.  

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