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 Airships2003-01-22 23:59
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21st Century Airships apparently has a contract to build replacements for cellphone towers for several US companies, in the form of balloons, permanently anchored up in the air. They're still working on developing 'High Altitude Platforms' which would be stationed even higher, in the stratosphere 18-21km above earth, to serve other telecommunications needs, and environmental monitoring.

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2 Sep 2006 @ 16:29 by Jerry Graham @ : Old classmate
Are you,or are you related to the Therin Laney from Littlerock and Tumwater, in the 70's?  

24 Sep 2006 @ 21:15 by Therin Laney @ : Jerry Graham
Jerry,como sta

19 Dec 2014 @ 15:02 by Subhankar @ : SXjJVNSYtsSjocLa
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23 Dec 2014 @ 15:41 by Gah @ : tIbdvkmiwUNnNQcMCzXc
when she was seen with her husband Brython)Sancha: White (as mr.jones said but scerad to wear so)Cordelia: Green (like mr.jones said)Zara: Blue (she always choose something blue in the books)Rathina: Red (look good on dark haired people in my opinion)Tania: Orange (on all the covers she's wearing a light orange dress)Oh and mr.jones i'm am so glad you made this series when i first saw the book in a bookstore and read the back i knew right then that it would be a book that i would LOVE to read and and so i bought all the ones they had at the store at that time. anyway mr.jones when i read them i can't put them down not even at school (i read every chance i get at school) also when i'm reading i get into them like i'm actual there at that moment when i'm reading you i thank because very few authors can pull me into their stories plus i myself wish i was living in the world of faerie so i can escape everything i hate and things that make me sad. But your books give me hope. i love them so much that i always want more of it like her past, EVERYTHING. Also, I wish i was just like Tania so i could travel to another WONDERFUL WORLD. i would also love to have a faerie wedding they sound so cool. THANK YOU SO MUCH MR.JONES for creating this wonderful world in your books.  

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