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Highway to the South Pole

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 Highway to the South Pole2003-01-23 23:45
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by Flemming Funch

According to New Scientist, American engineers in the Antarctic have begun work on a highway from the giant US coastal base at McMurdo Sound to the South Pole - a distance of 1600 kilometers. An initial purpose for the highway will be to help lay a $250-million fibre-optic cable to the Scott-Amundsen base. The Scott-Amundsen base is home to a growing amount of scientific equipment. But it is out of sight of most geostationary communications satellites, so it cannot reliably send back real-time data to the laboratories in the US that use the equipment. The cable would solve that problem.

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1 comment

19 Dec 2014 @ 22:52 by Silvia @ : hdiywHOilkmTt
Mou fainetai ligo vaistiki douleia pantws sigoura einai mia veltiwsi alla to sky me tous ellinikous(!!! thymizei alles epohes afti i emmoni) kako-diastoiheiwmenous haraktires me halaei ligo.  

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