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 SkyCar on eBay2003-01-25 23:59
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If you'd rather commute to work through the air in a flying car, then you can bid on a prototype of the Moller SkyCar on eBay. I mentioned the SkyCar last here. It sounds very promising, but they're progressing somewhat cautiously. The model that will be for sale is potentially flyable, but has only been used for tethered test flights. They still hope for production within a few years, and the idea is that it could fit pretty much in a normal parking space, and it can take off vertically and fly at 300MPH, and it would be computer guided and very resilient to failures. They hope it would cost around $50K.

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28 Jan 2003 @ 16:50 by sharie : Coming Soon Worldwide!
They'll make mobile homes out of this design. I can see it coming. Veritical lift-off and everything. We talked about this. It is coming. And this is what will liberate all the world... this... with onboard internet!  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:09 by Kassie @ : PehRRsLdDmgAKYAS
From A Study of War by Quincy Wr&h;t:iquotgTo sum up, it appears that absolutist states with geographically and functionally centralized governments under autocratic leadership are likely to be most belligerent, while constitutional states with geographically and functionally federalized governments under democratic leadership are likely to be most peaceful."  

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