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Origins of Evil

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 Origins of Evil2003-02-09 21:49
by Flemming Funch

From David Weinberger:
"Two nights ago, Bush's speechwriter was on The Daily Show, the Jon Stewart fake news program that's funny because it blurts out the truth. The speechwriter explained with glee how he came up with the phrase 'Axis of Evil'. He originally wrote 'Axis of Hatred', but his boss (not Bush) took one look at it and said, "No, it's the 'Axis of Evil'", repeating it a few times aloud to see how it sounds.

This constituted the debate over whether these countries actually are evil and the effect classifying them as such would have. A couple of lobes short of The West Wing, eh?"
It would be really funny if it all were a TV show. World politics run by actors and advertising copywriters and, based on articles in school papers. But I wonder when we might actually again see a country run by people who are skilled and qualified for the job, rather than just knowing how to make things sound good on TV.

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