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New Energy Device?

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 New Energy Device?2003-02-10 23:05
by Flemming Funch

I believe that sooner or later we'll be switching over to totally different energy production devices. Not burning old dinosaurs, but rather drawing a charge from the quantum field, or something along those lines. And there has been no lack of people who seemed to have invented over-unity devices. But either somebody managed to buy off or murder ALL of them, or they didn't really work when put under scrutiny. So it is with some caution that I pass on news about 'free' energy devices. But Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project has his head screwed on fairly well, and even though he likes being the center of attention, what he presents is normally very solid. A while back he set up a company, Space Energy Access Systems, for the purpose of locating and marketing such devices. And he believes he has something now. See transcript of an interview.
"It's not very big at all. I picked it up - you can pick it up with one hand. Took it out actually on a sidewalk. This device gathered, very passively, less than one watt of power from the environment - I won't say how it was done, I'm not allowed to at this point - and the machine started up. It generated hundreds of watts of power in usable form. We hooked this up ourselves, so there was no mystery about it. We even selected the things to hook up to this thing. It ran a 300-watt light bulb, a 100-watt light bulb, a stereo and an oscillating fan with an electric motor, all at the same time with literally no artificial manmade input of power."
I hope it stands up to further scrutiny. Getting rid of the oil economy would change everything.

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11 Feb 2003 @ 16:38 by sharie : oil out, freedom in
Yes, wouldn't that be wonderful if suddenly there was free energy, and the oil was worthless. Ha!  

18 Apr 2003 @ 18:03 by gaiatech : free energy?
I suggest that free energy or even cheap energy would be a disaster. It would be wasted on a prodigous scale (just as cheap oil is) and by products would be more noise, more heat, more road kill and more sterile roads.  

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