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Monsanto Meltdown

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 Monsanto Meltdown2003-02-12 23:59
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The possibly most despised corporation in the world is finally hitting on some hard times.
"Despite heavy advertising and PR greenwash, despite a cozy relationship with the White House, Monsanto's image, profits, and credibility have plunged. Its aggressive bullying on Frankenfoods, its patents on the Terminator gene, its attempt to buy out seed companies and monopolize seed stocks, and its persecution of hundreds of North American farmers for the "crime" of seed-saving, has made Monsanto one of the most hated corporations on Earth.

Monsanto will likely soon be broken up, with its parts sold off to the highest bidder. The New York Times reported 1/14/03, that 'With its stock price low, Monsanto is considered a takeover target. by investment banks. and could be bought and sold off in pieces.'"
Hopefully in very small pieces. I think that is good news for the environment.

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13 Feb 2003 @ 17:00 by magical_melody : Hurrah! Time for a fall and new harvest!
Thanks for the link Flemming. We are involved in a GE Free group here in New Zealand. Recently, Max and I came across the magazine, 'The Ecologist' Vol 28, No.5 Originated out of UK area. For subscription info email: sgc@mag-subs.demon.co.uk - Issue titled, 'The Monsanto Files' a great resource for informing the self about the most pressing environmental issues and Monsanto's involvement. ie: Agent Orange: The Poisoning of Vietnam by Hugh Warwick, and PCB's-Can the World's Sea Mammals Survive them? Etc. It's time for these big oppressive or repressive powers/corps to fall, and for the regenerative life giving alternatives to living in harmony with the environment, to be supported and maintained more now.  

14 Feb 2003 @ 13:49 by sharie : Good News?
I don't see this as good news. The monster executives will walk away with platinum parachutes (millions of dollars) while the peons are laid off, and then the monster executives will use their millions to buy up the pieces and then we'll have 10 or 12 monsantos, all flying under the radar. Tell me the executives are arrested, found guilty and serving 20 years, with all their assets seized, now that sounds like good news.  

15 Feb 2003 @ 23:39 by strydg : reminds me of the time
dow "bought" union carbide. yeast, mold, and fungi are pleomorphic, too. maybe i'm just being cynical but i think monsanto is trying to fake us out.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:59 by Kailee @ : VkGLTUXIBhKyLMZKozoh
Why does this have to be the ONLY reallbie source? Oh well, gj!  

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