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Space elevator getting closer

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 Space elevator getting closer2003-02-17 23:59
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Some news about Highlift Systems who are planning on building elevators to geostationary orbit. They may have found a second location for the anchor of their space elevator - Perth, Western Australia, which apparently has the calm waters and international airport needed. The whole project has apparently gotten more momentum after the shuttle disaster. And with a startup cost of 7-10 billion, it will need a lot more support.
It would act like the cable in the centre of a lift, with lift cars which could take people into space and back. The earth end of the ribbon would be connected to a terminal floating on the ocean about 100km off the coast which would use Perth Airport as an international contact point. Each lift car would be able to carry up to six people, with luggage and air supply. Travellers would be taken as a first step 100,000km into space to a space station. The station could be connected to more ribbons for journeys on to the moon or beyond.
It might potentially reduce launch costs from the current $10-40,000 per kilogram to $100 per kilogram.

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18 Feb 2003 @ 05:53 by neolux : i read somewhere
about this space elevator idea, and i think it was suggested that this would also be a great way of producing electricity. pretty fascinating stuff hey?Will it come complete with an elevator operator? 2,000th floor, Ladies lingerie!  

18 Feb 2003 @ 11:57 by sharie : flying high
I lived in a hi-rise with the highest elevator (most buildings you have to get off and switch floors) and it was on the old cable system. I'm sure they'll think of something better for this project. Personally, I'm not that interested in going into outerspace. I'm very happy with my life here.  

18 Feb 2003 @ 13:44 by ming : Elevator
Well, $100 per kilogram essentially means you could consider going on vacation that way. And it would mean that it is feasible for people to put up hotels up there. And lingerie stores in the 2,000th floor.  

29 Jul 2006 @ 13:01 by comp @ : come to perth to see the world
yes come on down to Perth to see the world  

24 Jan 2009 @ 06:55 by cody @ : elevator
A space elevator is a horrible idea for many reasons the main one being what if a cable was to snap. a space elevator would be a waste of cash and resources and could be very dangerous.  

24 Jan 2009 @ 06:57 by cody @ : elevator
also the rotation of the earth would screw up the whole project.  

24 Jan 2009 @ 22:31 by xqua @ : elevator
@cody: the rotation of the earth makes the elevator possible.
The main problem is the cable: It has to support its own weight, which is very large at this length. A material which can do this and is still small enough in diameter to be deployed has yet to be found.  

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